Efteling Have Revealed FULL DETAILS About DANSE MACABRE & More!

Efteling have finally revealed FULL DETAILS surrounding what guests can expect from their creepy new 2024 attraction Danse Macabre!

The spooktacular new addition will make up the headline attraction of the resort’s brand new 2024 area Huyverwoud.

Huyverwoud and Danse Macabre replace the park’s iconic former Spook Slot attraction & will breathe new life into an already popular area of the park.

Danse Macabre replaces Efteling's iconic former Spook Slot attraction as part of a BRAND NEW area.
What Can You Expect?

Alongside Danse Macabre (which will be a first of it’s kind attraction set to be manufactured and created by Intamin) Huyverwoud will also feature a whole host of other new additions too.

The Black Cat – described as a “partially burnt down tavern” (the area’s new catering unit), brand new toilets named “The Last Hope” and a sweet treats unit named ‘t Koetshuys are just some of the new features set to make up Huyverwoud.

Danse Macabre will also feature one of the most immersive, heavily themed queue lines the park have added to a new ride in quite some time.

From a foreboding iron gated entrance to a sinister graveyard and more, Danse Macabre really sets the tone before guests even step into the attraction itself.

The above shows the proposed concept art for the foreboding iron gated entrance.
The above image shows a full layout of how Huyverwoud is set to look once open.
Danse Macabre & The Abbey.

Danse Macabre (the headline attraction itself) will be housed inside a giant, purpose built Gothic abbey themed show building.

“The Chapel” as it’s called will make up the focal point for Huyverwoud and will stand at around 20 meters in height.

The whole area including the ride has been said to come in at around €25 million & will be one of the biggest new investments in quite some time.

As mentioned previously, the ride system itself will also be the first of it’s kind and is set to be manufactured and created by none other than Intamin.

Over the past 5 years (at least) Intamin have become more and more innovative with each and every new ride or attraction they have created.

It seems only right therefore that they should be the ones to help bring the unique nature of Danse Macabre to life.

Above shows the proposed concept for Danse Macabre - a brand new, first of it's kind attraction.
Making Danse Macabre Accessible.

When it comes to ensuring everyone can experience Danse Macabre, Efteling have taken into consideration guests of all abilities.

Alongside guests of an able nature, guests with additional needs will also get the full experience too.

It’s stated that those requiring additional assistance will still have the chance to experience the ride’s full queue line and will get to experience the ride aspect in “their own way too”.

“Guests with a disability can follow the same route along the kruysgang, the kruydentuyn, the cemetery, the Huyverwoud to the chapel of the abbey. 

Anyone who cannot walk independently or make the transfer will go to another room with any supervisors. There they experience the attraction in their own way.”

This is fantastic to see and stands testament to how inclusive Efteling are when it comes to including every single visitor in each and every aspect of their theme park experience.

"Guests with a disability can follow the same route along the kruysgang, the kruydentuyn, the cemetery, the Huyverwoud to the chapel of the abbey. "
Exiting Through The Gift Shop.

After experiencing their eerie jaunt inside the chapel, the brave survivors will have the chance to exit via the gift shop in typical theme park fashion.

Here it’s said that those brave enough will enjoy the chance to browse a full range of creepy gifts and sinister souvenirs whilst breathing a sigh of relief from escaping the chills of the abbey.

Once back outside guests will exit back into abbey square where they will be greeted with a predicament – do they venture back into the queue line for round two, or do they escape into “the light”?

Personally however, we’d be going straight back for round 2!!

"Dr. Charlatans Kwalycke Zaken" - the ride's gift shop will be guest's last port of call after exiting the chapel!
When Does Danse Macabre Open?

Ah, the golden question – when will Danse Macabre & Huyverwoud open to the public?

At present no exact date for the new ride and it’s surrounding land to open to the public has been set, however current construction puts it on schedule to open next year.

There’s no doubt that Huyverwoud and Danse Macabre will be the star attraction when it does open though as the intricately detailed themeing, the ride’s immersive nature & the land’s overall aesthetic put it on par with all the other attractions currently featured within Efteling.

In the meantime though, why not check out today’s below video which sheds more light on how the new land came to be, what visitors can expect and the story behind Huyverwoud overall.