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When Rides Let You Down!

When Rides don’t quite Live Up to your Expectations & Let You Down! Rides that leave you Feeling Let Down! There’s nothing worse is there? Have you ever stepped off a ride having completely hyped it up to find out you really shouldn’t have bothered? If you answered YES, then believe


Fun Spot America Atlanta announces 2022 RMC IBOX Hybrid!

Fun Spot America Atlanta officially announces brand new RMC IBOX Hybrid thrill coaster for their 2022 Season! Fun Spot America Atlanta are primarily known for their fantastic, thrilling family rides and attractions, however what they have planned for the 2022 season will well and truly place them firmly back on

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We reveal our official Top 10 UK Coasters!

Here at Theme Park Insanity we reveal our official Top 10 UK Coasters to date! When it comes to the UK roller coaster and indeed theme park industry there are so many great rides and experiences out there that it really is difficult to pinpoint exactly which roller coaster out


Theme Park Insanity interviews the one and only Coasters With Chloe!

Theme Park Insanity sits down with the one and only Chloe Matthews of the up and coming theme park and attractions blog Coasters With Chloe! When it comes to the theme park and attractions industry it’s no secret that the content creator community is virtually bursting at the seams with


How does having a passion for theme parks affect your everyday life?

How can your love for theme parks and seeking out the biggest and fastest rides to ride affect your day to day life? When it comes to seeking out the biggest and fastest coaster to sink your teeth into it’s fair to say that having a passion for the theme