Alton Towers Submit More Documents For New Ride!

Alton Towers Have Submitted More Documents In Support Of Their New Ride!

Alton Towers have submitted new planning documents in support of their proposed new flat ride for Forbidden Valley.

The new attraction (now known as Project Ocean) will sit atop a brand new, purpose built concrete structure reaching a total height of 4.8 meters.

The structure will also feature a tunnel running east to west will provide passage under the structure to Galactica and a new queue line for the attraction will be built to the south/south east of the attraction.

Two circular theming structures will also form part of the new ride’s theming as well – one standing at either side of the ride.

The overall height of the attraction is set to be 18 meters overall and the queue line will wrap around the ride to the south/ south east.

Project Ocean would also require the removal of three trees to accommodate the ride’s queue line according the application’s Landscape & Visual Appraisal.

Included with the new documents are a full range of different images showing a basic layout and 3 dimensional interpretation of how the new attraction would look including the space it will occupy when built.

These images can be seen below.

Also included with the new documents are a full range of images showing how the new attraction will affect the surrounding environment visually including proposed perspectives from the village of Alton and the surrounding landscape.

Looking at the images we can see the new ride doesn’t really have any immediate impact on visual sight lines due to the height of the structure not infringing the treeline.

This is a standard requirement with all new planning applications and proposals for new attractions at the resort which has been in place since Nemesis.

As well as all of the above Alton Towers have also submitted plans showing the overall footprint of the new attraction in Forbidden Valley.

These plans show the location and size of the proposed ride as well as how the attraction will affect the layout of Forbidden Valley.

With this in mind it’s safe to say we won’t have seen anything quite like it when it comes to previous themed flats at the park.

As we can see Project Ocean will be located very differently to previous attractions such as Funk n Fly & Ripsaw.

With this all in mind we have to ask the question – “What COULD Project Ocean ACTUALLY be?”.

Although current rumours and speculation point heavily towards of the return of Ripsaw at the park we can’t deny the overall layout and size of the ride points heavily towards other possibilities too.

A Phalanx themed drop tower and or a Zamperla Nebulaz would also fit very well in this space too and would suit a military theme perfectly.

We would however still like to see the return of Ripsaw in some shape or form at the park and given how much of a fan base the former Huss topspin has we wouldn’t put it past Alton Towers to bring it back.

Regardless, the fact that Alton Towers are investing in new permanent flat rides is a huge step forward for the resort and demonstrates their commitment to returning the magic to the park in the years ahead.

It also shows that the voices of fans do not go unnoticed and given just how popular The Retrosquad rides were with the general public the introduction of new flat rides at the park make perfect sense.

We look forward to finding out more about Project Ocean as planning progresses and as such we’ll be sure to keep you all ‘in the loop’ here at TPI as the situation progresses.