Six Flags Qiddiya Makes HUGE Progress.

Six Flags Qiddiya Has Made HUGE Progress!

Six Flags Qiddiya – a HUGE new $1 Billion theme park and resort predicted to open to the public later this year in the Saudi Arabian desert just outside the capital Riyadh has made significant progress over the past few months.

The new resort’s many rides and roller coasters continue to grow at a steady pace with attractions such as Iron Rattler (Six Flags Qiddiya’s brand new Vekoma Tilt Coaster) & Falcons Flight (the park’s first of it’s kind Intamin Exa Coaster) continuing to grow at a rapid pace.

In some fantastic new shots shared recently by Theme ParX we can see just how much progress has been made on the new rides.

Construction first began on the project back in December of 2021 and to date a lot of the park’s major attractions appear to be flying into place.

The overall site is set to occupy a total footprint of 32 hectares too making it the largest purpose built leisure destination in Saudi Arabia to date.

Six Flags Qiddiya continues to make substantial progress where construction of the park's rides and attractions is concerned. - *Image Credit: Theme ParX.

Falcon's Flight. - Intamin Exa Coaster.

Six Flags Qiddiya’s first of it’s kind Intamin Exa Coaster is continuing to absolutely fly up with a lot of progress now being made on the ride’s highest element – the 500ft plus airtime hill.

Riders will drop off the surrounding cliffs and launch into this gigantic element once complete and it’s safe to say¬† the views will be second to none.

The total elevation of Falcons Flight is also set to be 639ft making this incredible ride the world’s tallest roller coaster (as well as the world’s fastest and longest).

This will be Six Flags Qiddiya’s star attraction and most likely the reason for many visitors attending the park once open.

Falcons Flight is also set to reach speeds of 155.3 mph and span a total length of 13,943.6ft from beginning to end!

In the below shots we can see just how much progress has been made as construction crews continue to get the ride ready for it’s public debut later this year.

Iron Rattler - Vekoma Tilt Coaster.

Six Flags Qiddiya’s new generation Vekoma Tilt Coaster is also continuing to make significant progress as well with the lift hill and most of the structure for the tilt element now in place.

A lot of Iron Rattler’s track also appears to have now been installed and this is incredibly great to see.

Iron Rattler is set to make up one of two new generation Vekoma tilt coasters set to open worldwide over the next two years with Circuit Breaker at COTAland in Austin, Texas being the other.

This fantastic new ride will reach heights of up to 208 ft, speeds of up to 73 mph and span a total length of 4068.2 ft from beginning to end.

Iron Rattler will also feature 5 inversions equaling Circuit Breaker at Circuits of the Americas in featuring the same number of upside down moments.

It safe to say Iron Rattler will certain have a visual impact of the park’s skyline and given the height of the ride it’s certainly going to stand out with Falcons Flight for sure.

The above shot shows just how much progress has been made on Iron Rattler in the past few months -*|Image Credit: Theme ParX.

Colossus - Great Coasters International, Inc. Hybrid Coaster.

Six Flags Qiddiya is also set to feature a Great Coasters International (GCI) hybrid wooden roller coaster named Colossus (no over the shoulder restraints on this one haha).

Colossus is located within close proximity to Falcons Flight and again stands high on the skyline as a real statement ride.

The ride’s first drop as well as the lift hill all now seem to be progressing well and significant progress on Colossus’ airtime hill also seems to have been made too.

The new wooden coaster is also set to feature GCI’s Infinity Flyer Trains too with the ride set to be the first of it’s kind featuring the new trains and an entirely wooden track.

Colossus will reach heights of up to 95 ft, speeds of up to 50 mph and span a total length of 2,828 ft from beginning to end.

Check out the below shots showing just how much progress has been made so far on the new ride’s construction.

Colossus will be the first GCI wooden hybrid coaster to feature both the Infinity Flyer Trains and an entirely wooden track. - *Image Credit: Theme parX.

Waterpark & Water Slides.

As well as the rides and attractions Six Flags Qiddiya is also set to feature a pretty substantial onsite waterpark too.

The waterpark’s main attraction – a gigantic WhiteWater West LIM Family Raft Ride Water Slide appears to be absolutely flying into place.

The thrilling new addition is set to break records to being the tallest, fastest and longest water slide of it’s kind in the world.

This huge water slide is also reportedly set to feature a giant double wave wall finale too making a solid statement to those brave enough to take it on.

Alongside the slide work on rock work and theming for the wave pool has also begun too with the first of many intricately detailed structures – a giant Coyote appearing to take shape!

Other Progress & Opening Date.

Six Flags Qiddiya is currently slated to open in late 2024, however given just how much progress has been made and how much left they still have to do we still feel an early 2025 opening could be on the cards.

Regardless the new leisure destination is certainly shaping up to be one of the most exciting new theme park and leisure destination projects of recent times.

The sheer amount of record breaking attractions mixed with the scale of the park and resort on the whole puts Six Flags Qiddiya on track to become one of the most visited new parks in the past 20 years once open.

An exact opening date is still however yet to be set and to date we haven’t really heard anything officially from the owners on this so far.

If they still intend to open the new resort later this year then a September/October opening would make a lot of sense and would enable the park to gain the exposure it needs in order to move forwards.

There is still a chance that Six Flags Qiddiya could open in stages allowing construction to carry on while visitors enjoy their first rides and experiences of the park later this year.

Will you be visiting Six Flags Qiddiya once the gargantuan new leisure destination opens to the public? Let us know your expectations and predictions in the comments below.