Dreamworld Australia To Open World’s First Roller Coaster!

Dreamworld Australia Is Set To Open A WORLD'S FIRST Roller Coaster THIS YEAR!

Dreamworld – a theme park located in Coomera, Queensland in Australia is set to open a brand new, WORLD’S FIRST roller coaster this year!

Jungle Rush – a first of it’s kind Swicthback Coaster designed and created by Netherland’s based ride manufacturer Vekoma is set to open at the park later this season.

The new ride which has cost the park A$35,000,000 to construct is set to feature a inclined turntable, show sections and multi directional travel will make up to the park’s 6th operational roller coaster.

Upon revealing the new ride on their social media this morning Vekoma Ride’s announced the following;

“We’re excited to announce that our new Switchback Coaster ‘Jungle Rush’ is opening in 2024 at Dreamworld Australia!

This family-thrill coaster is set to be the first of its kind, with the ride design supporting multiple different cycle paths and offering an immersive adventure for visitors of all ages!”

Dreamworld Australia already plays host to other stand out roller coasters such as Steel Taipan (a MACK Rides launch coaster), Gold Coaster (an Arrow Dynamics Custom Looping Coaster) & Big Red Boat (a Zamperla Powered Coaster).

Jungle Rush will not only fit in with Dreamworld Australia’s exisiting line up perfectly however it’ll also offer a rather unique ride experience and give families something a little more ‘outside the box’ to enjoy when visiting the park.

The park’s new Switchback Coaster is also set to be the first ride of it’s kind to open at any theme park worldwide and appears to be on par with Intamin’s family Lift & Launch Coaster in terms of thrill level.

Check out the below concept art giving fans of Dreamworld Australia their first taste of what they can expect from the new ride when it opens at the park later this season!

Jungle Rush will be Dreamworld Australia's 6th coaster to open at the park and will be the first of it's kind to open at any theme park worldwide!