Is Ripsaw Returning To Alton Towers?!

Is Ripsaw About To Return To Alton Towers Resort?

RipsawAlton Towers’ iconic former HUSS Topspin flat ride looks as though it could be returning to Forbidden Valley in a new form!

Following the news of a BRAND NEW planning application submitted by Alton Towers Resort to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council, fans of the park have today been struck into frenzied speculation as to whether or not we could be seeing a new iteration of the much loved classic at the park in the years or months ahead.

The proposal put to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council by Alton Towers was for a replacement attraction in the former spot where Funk n Fly (a former Retrosquad ride) once stood.

The attraction will be built atop a concrete structure and will reach heights of up to 18 meters (roughly 59 feet) as well as feature theming structures on either side of the ride.

The queue line for the attraction is also said to wrap to the south/south east of the ride and will sit next to Ripsaw Cafe (which is currently undergoing major restoration work).

The above shows a screenshot of the planning application submitted to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council today (07/02/24).

Today’s news comes follows months of rumours surrounding Ripsaw’s potential return to the park with many different sources all point to the same thing – Ripsaw IS coming back, soon.

Official confirmation of this is however yet to be offered by Alton Towers themselves and as such the news of Ripsaw’s imminent return remains just that – rumours.

The new proposed attraction does coincidentally reach the EXACT same height as the former Ripsaw ride and the addition of theming structures on either side of the ride does make us wonder whether or not these rumours could infact be true.

For those familiar with the original Ripsaw ride the topspin featured extensive theming on both arms of the ride.

The return of Ripsaw would keep inline with Bianca’s mission to bring back the magic to Alton Towers too as she works tirelessly to make sure life is restored to the beloved resort.

Overall, we’re very hopeful that we could infact see a Ripsaw 2.0 at Alton Towers in the near future and today’s news helps further cement the continued investment Bianca and her team continue to put into the resort on a day by day basis.

What are your thoughts on Ripsaw’s return? Do you think it could happen? Or do you think the new ride could be something else instead?

We’d love to hear all of your thoughts and predictions following today’s news in the comments below.