World’s First Launched Flume Coaster Opens Next Month!

World's First Launched Flume Coaster Opens At Seaworld San Antonio, Texas Next Month!

A world’s first launched flume coaster is set to open at Seaworld San Antonio in Texas next month.

Catapult Falls – dubbed the world’s first “launched flume coaster” by Seaworld San Antonio themselves is set to make it’s debut at the park next month following a 12 month delay.

The new ride, manufactured and created by iconic Swiss ride manufacturer Intamin is set to make it’s public debut at the park on March 2nd.

Catapult Falls features a 55 ft tall, unique lift which takes those brave enough to ride on an ascent at 7 ft per second.

Once at the top riders descend down the ride’s 53 degree drop into an onslaught of airtime and speed launching at 30 ft per second on the ride’s unique aqua powered launch.

The park announced the news yesterday via their social media revealing that their newest addition would welcome public riders for the first time at the beginning of next month.

On their official website Seaworld San Antonio describe what visitors can expect from Catapult Falls as follows;

“Family adventure begins in 2024 with a splash at SeaWorld San Antonio on the all-new Catapult Falls! Experience the rush of the world’s first launched flume coaster and the only vertical lift in North America.

Feel the anticipation, and then hang on tight as the world’s steepest flume coaster drops you over the falls and into the rapids.

This is unlike any expedition you’ve taken before. Don’t miss the rise-and-fall of river thrills your family will never forget, only at SeaWorld San Antonio!”

We can’t wait to hear what guests think of this fantastic and very innovative new water ride when it finally opens to the public on March 2nd.

Will you be there for the ride’s opening day?