Flamingo Land Lost River Construction Update 12/02/2024.

Flamingo Land Lost River Ride Construction Update 12/02/2024.

Flamingo Land Resort are continuing to work on refurbishing and re-imaging their iconic water ride – Lost River Ride.

The park’s BEAR Grand Flume Ride first opened to the public back in 2004 under sponsorship from Wall’s Ice Cream, however later dropped the partnership but continues to keep the brand’s iconic logo on the side of the drop.

In 2023, Lost River Ride operated for the last time in it’s current format and later closed to the public for a full reimagining.

In late 2023 construction work began to remove the ride’s iconic 60 ft drop and surrounding splash down area with no advance warning or explanation from Flamingo Land themselves.

Since then work has continued to take place and Lost River’s former drop and half of the lift hill has now completely gone.

During our recent visit to the park’s half term event we ventured over to take a closer look at the current changes and progress taking place.

Lost Rover Ride operated at Flamingo Land in it's former format for the last time in 2023. The ride is now closed for a complete re-magining.

What's ACTUALLY Happening To The Ride?

Although Lost River is continuing to undergo work on a daily basis Flamingo Land themselves are currently keeping quiet about what’s actually happening.

Rumours currently making the rounds suggest a completely new name and theme, lowered drop, new boats and the introduction of a brand new sea lion enclosure in place of the former splash pool.

The drop itself is also rumoured to be undergoing an extension with a completely new trough expected to extend over to where the splash zone used to be & a brand new splash pool where the path used to be.

To date though Flamingo Land have yet to comment officially on what guests can expect from the new ‘Lost River’ including WHEN it will actually reopen.

Again, current rumours do however suggest the ride will stay closed until 2025 and with the amount of work taking place this seems very realistic.

Check out the below pictures captured during our recent visit to see the latest progress being made as of Tuesday 12th February 2024.

What Other Changes Have Taken Place?

As well as all of the current work taking place to re-imagine Lost River Ride, Flamingo Land have also made other changes and improvements across the park too.

The first major change starts as you step onto the park’s entrance plaza. All former ticket booths and the steel fenced queue line gas now been removed enabling the plaza to feel much more open.

This creates a much better first impression of Flamingo Land for those visiting and tickets are now available to purchase at customer services to the left of the turn styles.

Other changes include the removal of the former flying clowns ride (they were exceptionally creepy to be fair) and the relocation of the flying planes ride in it’s former spot.

As well as the above other improvements have also been made across the park too with some much needed general maintenance and cleaning adding to a much fresher appearance for Flamingo Land’s 2024 season.

When Does Flamingo Land's Full Season Begin?

Flamingo Land reopens to the public in full from Saturday 16th March 2024 onwards – the same day as Alton Towers (boooo!).

This means that headline attractions such as SIK, Kumali, Velocity and even HERO (eurrrrgh haha) will be available for visitors to jump back on from this date onwards.

Prices for the park’s full season have still yet TBC however we’d expect admission to be in the region of around £40.00 per person (going by the park’s 2023 admission prices).

As ever we always advise booking your visit online at least SEVEN DAYS prior to making your visit to grab yourselves the lowest admission price.

This is usually the case for most UK parks and ensures that you don’t get caught out by the park’s inflated ‘on the gate’ admission costs (which are substantially higher than the ones online).

As well as all of the aforementioned, Flamingo Land also have a brand new entertainment team on park too replacing PURE Entertainment Group who have performed at the resort for a good number of years now.

Check out our below vlog covering this Tuesday’s first visit to get a closer look at the current construction taking place on Lost River, the other changes for 2024 and the new entertainment team in action below!