Voltron Nevera Tests With Full Trains At Europa Park.

Voltron Nevera Tests With FULL Ride Trains At Europa Park In Germany!

Voltron NeveraEuropa Park’s NEW for 2024, first of it’s kind roller coaster has officially started testing with full ride trains.

The news broke yesterday (Monday 05th Feb 2024) via several different sources with Michael MackEuropa Park’s CEO & founder of Mack Rides being the first to share the news on his official X (Twitter) account.

On the post sharing the news Michael Mack put Magnificently moving! #VoltronNevera and included a short reel showing Voltron Nevera hurtling down one of the ride’s drops into a tight banked turn.

Other reels have also surfaced showing Voltron Nevera completing test runs with a full ride train too and it’s safe to say the new roller coaster looks very impressive.

Voltron Nevera officially completed it's first 'full ride train' testing yesterday (Monday 05th Feb 2024). - *Image Credit: Europa Park.

Voltron Nevera’s first ‘full ride train’ test runs come following delivery of the ride trains at the park within the last few weeks and give eagerly awaiting fans their first taste of what to expect when the ride opens later this year.

The new ride is the first Mack Rides Stryker Coaster model to be built at any park worldwide and evolves the German manufacturer’s signature ‘Big Dipper’ model into something much more innovative & thrilling.

Once open, Voltron Nevera will also feature the world’s steepest ‘beyond vertical’ launch at 105 degrees as well as reaching speeds of up to 56 mph, heights of up to 107 ft and a total length of 4,544 ft from beginning to end.

This thrilling new addition will also make up the star attraction of Europa Park’s new for 2024 Croatia themed land and will center on the works of Nikola Tesla and his creation of the alternator.

To create the ride Mack Rides and Europa Park have partnered with the Croatian automotive manufacturer RIMAC Automobili and as such this is reflected in the ride’s official name – Voltron Nevera Powered By RIMAC!

On the whole, the pacing of Voltron Nevera appears to be very well judged and we can’t wait to see how the public receive the new ride once open – exact opening date still yet to be confirmed.