Sweet Valley To Open At Energylandia This Spring!

Sweet Valley - Energylandia's NEW Themed Land Will Open This Spring!

Sweet Valley – Energylandia’s latest new land is officially set to open it’s candy encrusted gates to the ravenous public this Spring.

The Poland based theme park have announced they plan to open Sweet Valley on April 27th after the project suffered a 2 year delay.

Choco Chip Creek (a brand new Vekoma Mine Train coaster) & Honey Harbor (a Vekoma Junior roller coaster) are just TWO of the ten different rides and attractions set to open as part of the park’s latest new land this April.

Other rides and attractions set to open as part of Sweet Valley include a traditional carousel ride named Candy Carousel,  a tea cups ride named Twis’Tea & a balloons ride named Bon Bon Balloons.

Sweet Valley will be the park’s first themed land fully dedicated to a much more family friendly audience due to the fact most if not all rides within the land are aimed at younger guests on the whole (with the exception of the land’s two coasters).

Sweet Valley will finally open it's gates to the public for the very first time on April 27th 2024. -*Image Credit: Energylandia.

The tantalising, taste bud tingling new land is set to be located towards the rear of the park near to Aqualantis and Dragon Zone – home of the park’s gigantic wood and steel hybrid roller coaster Zadra.

Sweet Valley will also include other attractions such as Crazy Barn, Mini Track Tour Ride & Bumble Boats (click HERE for full details).

This fantastic looking new land is also set to feature incredibly immersive theming throughout and as such has reportedly proven more of a challenge to build than first thought.

Indeed, Sweet Valley looks rather close to the original concept released by the park all those years back.

The next attraction on the park’s slate has however sadly been cut (for now at least). Energylandia initially had plans to follow up Sweet Valley with a brand new, Europe’s first Vekoma Tilt Coaster.

The reason for the project’s cancellation was reportedly down to funding issues and the loss of a previously proposed government grant that would have helped fund the ride’s construction at the park.

Regardless, Energylandia still continues to hold the title of Europe’s coaster capital given how many roller coasters the park currently possesses.

In fact, to date Energylandia plays host to 17 operational roller coasters which increase to 19 with the opening of Sweet Valley this coming April.

The Tilt Coaster would have seen Energylandia continue their working relationship with Vekoma for their 3rd fully themed project, however for now the park’s 20th addition has sadly taken a back seat.

We do however look forward to the opening of Sweet Valley and as such we’re currently making preparations for our FIRST EVER visit to the park later this year.