Riding A Roller Coaster Is Good For Your Health!

Riding A Roller Coaster Can Improve Your Health Drastically!

Riding a roller coaster can improve your health? Sounds like clickbait right? WRONG!!

Believe it or not riding a roller coaster not only improves your physical health drastically, however it can hugely improve your mental health too.

Now, we get it, roller coasters are designed to be fear inducing & intimidating, but the rush of adrenaline feeling scared creates drives up your heart rate and has the same effect as vigorously working out.

It has also been proven that conquering your fears not only raises self confidence but also drives you to beat any limits you previously thought impossible.

It’s human nature once you pass a personal boundary to sought out the next step and go bigger, therefore riding roller coasters fits this dynamic perfectly due to some being more intimidating than others.

Riding a roller coaster can also (believe it or not) reduce anxiety levels greatly and create a true feeling of happiness whist riding.

Yeah, we get it, that seems strange right, but once on the ride all fears tend to dissipate as we normally build up things in our minds to be so much worse than they actually are.

This is usually due to the fear of the unknown. As humans we always naturally imagine the worst case scenario instead of a realistic one.

Now, as thrill seekers the reason most ride is the feeling of pure freedom you experience. Upon strapping yourself into a ride you are preparing to surrender yourself to the ultimate escape.

The pure feeling of joy this creates helps to improve your mental health both momentarily and long term too.

There’s nothing better than the feeling of escaping your everyday stresses and immersing yourself in the moment and the rush the ride creates.

Yeah, we get it, this seems obvious right? Well, to a thrill seeker or theme park enthusiast this might, but to a member or Joe public this may not be necessarily the case.

Riding a roller coaster ultimately drives your body into a fight or flight state creating fear, but believe it or not this actually really healthy.

Feeling fear causes your body to release dopamine which in turn drives up your heart rate causing oxygen and blood to rush to your muscles.

This then energizes the body and creates a feeling of pure joy and exhilaration (also known as feeling pumped)!

As a result of this your mood increases, as sense of freedom and relaxation ensues and this leaves you feeling chilled and full of confidence at the same time.

The more you experience this feeling and the more you subject yourself to this kind of experience the better your health will be and the more drive you will have to reach your full potential.

So next time you’re at a theme park and your anticipating standing on the side lines instead of jumping on the ride just remember, it would be far healthier to do so.

Lastly popular culture has created the myth that riding a roller coaster could be unsafe and detrimental to your health, but to this we have the following to say.

You are so much more likely to die either driving to a theme park or walking down the street than you are actually riding a roller coaster.

This is due to just how many safety systems and maintenance checks rides of this kind (or any ride for that matter) have to have in place before the public can be allowed to ride.

So go on, drop the bags in the bag drop, take your seat and let the good times roll as you increase your health but physically and mentally, the fun way!

Riding your favourite rides and roller coasters!!