Thorpe Park’s New 2024 Roller Coaster Goes Vertical!


Thorpe Park's NEW For 2024 Roller Coaster Hyperia Has Officially Gone Vertcial!

Thorpe Park’s NEW 2024 roller coaster (now confirmed to be called Hyperia) has officially gone vertical over the last two days.

On Monday 09th October 2023 Thorpe Park shared an official update on their pass holder group confirming the first supports had been lifted into place.

Following this more and more of Hyperia’s supports appear to have flown into place and this afternoon (Wednesday 11th October 2023) we have seen the first sections of track for the ride lifted into place too.

This is incredibly exciting and heralds in a brand new era for thrill seekers here in the UK as they look forward to experiencing a new record holding roller coaster in 2024.

Hyperia – Thorpe Park’s brand new MACK Rides Hyper Coaster will reach heights of 236 ft (making it considerably taller than the current UK’s tallest The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach), speeds of over 80 mph (also making it the UK’s fastest) and will feature some of Europe’s highest inversions on any roller coaster.

The park’s new hyper coaster will also feature a splash down element towards the end of the ride too in which the coaster train will ‘splash down’ into the lake surrounding the ride.

 Although no official date has yet been set by Thorpe Park for the ride to open, current progress puts Hyperia on track to open some time in early 2024.

The new roller coaster will also be Thorpe Park’s first new coaster to be added to the park since The Swarm in 2012 making it over a decade since the park last invested in a major new ride.

Hyperia is just one of many new roller coasters set to open here in the UK in 2024 with parks such as Drayton Manor and Legoland Windsor also set to open brand new major coasters at their parks too.

Check out the below shots released by the Thorpe Park this afternoon showing the track going into place!