Project Exodus Ride Footers Arrive At Thorpe Park!


Project Exodus Ride Footers Have Arrived at Thorpe Park Resort!

Project Exodus – One of the most highly anticipated new roller coasters to hit UK shores in the last 30 years is ago, and it’s finally happening!

In an exclusive post on the Thorpe Park Annual Pass Facebook group earlier today Thorpe Park Resort revealed an EXCLUSIVE LOOK at the FIRST official ride parts to arrive at the park since ground works on the project commenced late last year.

The ride parts appear to be the cages for the ride’s footers – the steel concreted bases upon which the Project Exodus’ supports will be bolted.

Although the location of the new arrivals has been kept heavily guarded, we can assume it shouldn’t be too much longer before more information regarding the ride becomes available to the public.

Judging by the appearance of the footers though we’re around 99% that MACK Rides can be confirmed as Project Exodus’ manufacturer at this stage.

Official Opening for Project Exodus is currently slated for early 2024, however with the delay to receiving planning approval there is every chance that this could change.

Once open, Project Exodus will officially take the top spot as the UK’s tallest roller coaster standing at 236 ft high.

The ride will also feature some of the tallest inversions in Europe and will thrill those brave enough with it’s highly imaginative layout.

Aside from a near enough vertical dive from 236 ft. Project Exodus will also feature one of the most unusual turn around elements featured on any coaster this side of the pond.

There are also many who have stated that the ride appears too short, however given the sheer intensity riders will experience the park’s new coaster will more than likely be long enough.

Overall today’s arrival marks a major milestone in the project’s timeline and marks the arrival of the first NEW roller coaster parts at the resort since the construction of The Swarm back in 2011!

Stay tuned here on TPI in the coming months for even more updates as we follow Thorpe Park’s progress on the installation of the UK’s new tallest coaster.