Thorpe Park Submit Planning Application for Project Exodus!


Thorpe Park Resort submit planning application for Project Exodus - The Park's first major roller coaster in over a decade!

Thorpe Park Resort (located in Chertsey, Surrey) officially submitted a planning application yesterday (14/03/2022) for a major new ride!

Project Exodus (the working title being used for the park’s next major roller coaster) will be the park’s first major new ride addition in well over a decade.

The compact hyper coaster is set to take the record as being the UK’s tallest roller coaster once open officially taking the title from The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Standing at a whopping 236ft (72 meters) tall, Project Exodus will feature a number of extreme elements including 2 vertigo inducing inversions at 50 and 43 meters high.

The new ride will also reach speeds of up to 130 Km/h, feature a ‘Splash Down’ element and feature a colour scheme similar to the park’s Intamin Accelerator Coaster Stealth to keep visual impact to a minimum.

Above is the ride's proposed footprint which shows just how the area is set to be transformed inline with the new investment.

The Final draft of the application was received by Runnymeade Borough Council yesterday and if successful the park plan to begin construction of the new ride in late 2022.

Thorpe Park therefore estimate that if all goes to plan Project Exodus should in effect be able to open to the public in Spring 2024.

The last major roller coaster to open at the park was The Swarm back in 2012 meaning that 12 years will have passed since they last opened a ride of this scale at the park upon opening.

Who will manufacture the ride?
The above image points towards German Ride Manufacturer MACK Rides being the most likely choice for Project Exodus.

There has been much speculation since Public Consultations took place back in December 2021 as to who would manufacture Project Exodus.

Judging by the above image however it appears as though MACK Rides are the park’s chosen candidate for the project.

This is due to the heavy similarities drawn between the ride trains featured in the image and those manufactured by the ride manufacturer for their Hyper & Mega Coaster models.

The restraints, along with the seat backs and train shapes appear to mirror those featured on rides such as ICON at Blackpool Pleasure Beach & Hyper Coaster at The Land of Legends in Turkey.

During public consultations Thorpe Park also advised that ‘sound tests’ had been carried out on a ‘similar ride’ located in Turkey.

This was however quickly re-phrased to a ride located ‘somewhere in Europe’ instead.

Further evidence supporting the theory that MACK Rides are indeed the park's first choice for Project Exodus!

Although Thorpe Park are yet to officially confirm their choice the above image (along with the track & ride’s support structures depicted in the plans) all but confirms MACK as being the prime candidate for the job in our eyes.

Only time will tell if this does indeed become the case as Intamin could also be a highly likely choice in our opinion too.

When will Poject Exodus open?

As mentioned previously Spring 2024 has been slated as Thorpe Park‘s target date for opening the ride.

This is of course assuming that the application see’s approval & that construction goes to plan throughout it’s 16 month duration (which is how long the park have estimated it will take to complete the project overall).

With that being the case Thorpe Park aim to begin ground works and construction on the new ride no later than late 2022 (Autumn at a guess).

The above image aims to show the scale and height of Project Exodus upon completion.

Project Exodus is set to replace Loggers Leap which currently stands SBNO (standing but not operating) in the park’s Old Town area through the complete overhaul of the existing area and removal of all current facilities.

Upon completion the new area will feature a splash down plaza, new catering facilities, a brand new queue line and supporting facilities to boot giving the area a much needed modernisation.

Should I be excited?

Absolutely! Project Exodus has been hailed by the park as the shape of things to come where the Island like no other is concerned.

Although a traditional out and back B&M Hyper was apparently first considered (due to their popularity), Thorpe Park instead chose to go with something far more unique and original in design.

The brief was reportedly to build the UK’s next BEST roller coaster, and judging by the concept we have ended up with we can most certainly see that being the case once open!

It has also reportedly been hinted that thrill seekers won’t have to wait anywhere near as long for the park’s next major investment either following the ride’s opening (which is wonderful to hear).

This therefore fills us full of hope where the park’s future is concerned and provides a renewed confidence that Thorpe Park could indeed once again become the ‘Thrill Capital of the UK’ in the years to come.

What are your thoughts on Project Exodus? Are you excited to see this incredible looking new ride open in 2024? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this below!

Thanks very much for reading!

Project Exodus - Thorpe Park Resort New Roller Coaster 2024 - England
Project Exodus - The Shape of Things to Come for the Island Like No Other!!