DarKoaster Ride Train FIRST LOOK Shared!

DarKoaster Ride Train Official FIRST LOOK Shared By Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

DarKoaster is an exciting NEW indoor roller coaster which is set to open at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia, USA later this year.

The adrenaline fueled new addition is set to take the place of the building’s former ride Curse of DarKastle which closed to the public back in 2017.

As such, the space where the new ride is being constructed has laid mostly dormant ever since (except for seeing use as the occasional Howl-O-Scream maze over the past few years).

In 2023 however, daring thrill seekers will be invited back inside King Ludwig’s abandoned fortress as they search for the cause of “mysterious weather patterns” said to have been spotted within the castle’s grounds.

Riders will take their positions aboard their own individual snow mobile and traverse the a twisted and perilous track as they race against the storm to discover the cause and vanquish the evil within once and for all.

"King Ludwig’s abandoned fortress resurfaces as strange weather patterns have been recorded near the cursed castle grounds"

DarKoaster is officially set to be North America’s FIRST all indoor straddle coaster and will be manufactured by Intamin (known for creating other rides such as VelociCoaster & Pantheon to name but a few).

The ride also features 4 launches across it’s 2,454 ft of steel track, reaches speeds of up to and including 36 mph and can seat a maximum of 10 riders per cycle across 5 2 person rows.

In a recent official post on their official social media, Busch Gardens Williamsburg provided fans with an exclusive FIRST LOOK at the brand new snow mobile themed ride trains.

DarKoaster’s heavily themed trains feature a dark purple and black finish colour scheme identical to those featured on the concept art.

Over the past few months inside looks at DarKoaster have also made their way online too.

Although these haven’t been official, they have provided fans with a good idea of what to expect when the brand new roller coaster finally opens to the public later this year.

The station area is also set to be heavily themed too and is believed to be reminiscent of a medieval castle as per the concept art.

This in turn keeps it true to the overall theme of DarKoaster and helps further immerse those brave enough into the eerie world the new addition commands.

DarKoaster will be Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s second brand new roller coaster in the space of 2 years with Pantheon (also manufactured by Intamin) finally opening to guests earlier this year,

Although no official opening date for DarKoaster has yet been given, it’s currently rumoured that the new ride could open some time between late spring and early summer of 2023.

Stay tuned here on TPI over the coming months for more information on what to expect from this exhilarating new addition as and when new info becomes available!