Nemesis Reborn FIRST LOOK Shared By Alton Towers!

Nemesis Reborn FIRST LOOK Shared By Alton Towers Resort Ahead Of Official Opening!

Nemesis Reborn is officially set to open at Alton Towers Resort this Saturday March 16th after undergoing a multi-million pound reimagining in time for the ride’s 30th anniversary this year.

Alton Towers’ iconic B&M invert first opened to the public on the 19th March 1994 and was Europe’s only inverted roller coaster at the time of opening.

Since debuting at the park Nemesis has traveled over 800,000 miles and is said to have carried more than 52 million people over it’s lifetime to date.

In November of 2022 Alton Towers Resort took the decision to close Nemesis to the public for the last time in it’s former form in readiness for a complete reimagining and transformation.

Upon opening to the public in 1994, Nemesis was Europe's only ride of it's kind and instantly captured the hearts of all who rode her!

Over the past 18 months since the closure of Nemesis many exciting surprises have landed in our laps including a new colour scheme, Nemesis’ new look and of course, the ride’s rebrand to Nemesis Reborn.

We also know that the ride trains have undergone a transformation with new trains being added to the track which incorporate former parts from Nemesis’ original trains.

This morning though (13/03/2024) Alton Towers gifted fans with their first official look at Nemesis Reborn in action against a very dark & menacingly lit backdrop.

In the video the ride’s train can be seen traversing the track while a drone follows it’s trajectory. Along with this we also get a much closer look at how the Nemesis creature now looks too.

Vibrant red flesh, sharp grey spikes and a much more organic look all come together along with the addition of a smoking helicopter on the Nemesis’ first turn around (prior to the loop).

Speaking about the upcoming launch of Nemesis Reborn this Saturday, John Burton – Senior Creative Lead at Merlin Magic Making has said;

“For three decades the original Nemesis roller coaster provided an unrivaled experience for countless millions of thrill-seekers – making it one of the most cherished attractions in the UK. 

“So when it came to bringing it to life for the 21st century, the stakes couldn’t have been higher.

“That’s why we pulled out all the stops to create Nemesis Reborn.

“Everyone involved in this incredible project has poured their heart and soul into it to ensure we create a roller coaster experience that is truly unrivaled and will set the standard for the next 30 years.”

Nemesis Reborn reaches speeds of up to 50 mph, hit’s 3.4 G’s and features 4 well placed inversions. The ride’s layout also hasn’t changed either and will still follow the same course cut by Nemesis in 1994.

We look forward to bringing you all full coverage of Nemesis Reborn’s official opening day this Saturday!