LEGOLAND Windsor’s NEW Coaster Opens This Month!

LEGOLAND Windsor's BRAND NEW Roller Coaster Will Open To The Public This Month!

Legoland Windsor have officially announced that their new for 2024 dueling family coaster – Minifigure Speedway will open to the public this month.

The new ride which has been manufactured by rides manufacturer Zierer Rides features two tracks – one red and one blue.

Riders will have the chance to ‘race each other to the finish line’ on the park’s latest new ride which officially makes up Legoland Windsor’s 4th roller coaster investment (well, 4 & 5 really haha).

Minifigure Speedway will open on the 29th March – later this month and also features the world’s LARGEST Lego minifigure named Roxy!

The ride’s layout features two boomerang coasters (each representing an opposing team). Guests will be pulled backwards and up the lift hill to their rear before being released and thrust into a onslaught of twists and turns before completing the exact same path backwards.

Minifigure Speedway will reach family friendly speeds of up to 34.8 mph and will feature lower heights suitable for younger riders.

Other than the speed however no other exact stats are yet known about Legoland Windsor’s newest roller coaster addition.

Legoland Windsor officially confirmed the new ride’s opening date this morning via their social media and if first reactions are anything to go by there’s a lot of excited fans out there right now!

Minifigure Speedway - Legoland Windsor's NEW dueling roller coaster will open to the public on March 29th!