Alton Towers Set For It’s BIGGEST Season Yet!

Alton Towers Is Set To Host It's BIGGEST Season Yet!

Alton Towers Resort is currently gearing up to launch it’s BIGGEST and best season yet, and with this in mind the resort’s divisional director Bianca Sammut has updated fans of the park what they can expect when visiting the resort this season.

With everything from the return of a newly re-imagined classic dark ride to a totally re-imagined Forbidden Valley fans of Alton Towers can expect great things from their beloved magical escape this year.

In an official update Bianca lays out everything her and her teams have been doing to bring that extra special touch of magic back to the park over the closed season and explains she wants nothing but the best for the resort this year and beyond.

So what can you expect from Alton Towers this year apart from their fantabulous events and the return of Nemesis Reborn? Let’s take a look!


Bringing Back The Magic!

In this evening’s update Bianca has revealed that this year’s closed season has been a very busy one with plenty of love, care and attention being paid to many of the park’s existing rides and attractions.

“over the winter, we’ve invested millions back into the Resort, focusing on enhancing the overall look and feel with our incredible resort team working hard to deep clean and enhance many of our attractions.”

“For many of our rides this means a refreshed look and feel – in stations, on the track and in queue lines. Plus, we’ve also invested in technology upgrades, additional theming, as well as branding throughout. From floors to ceilings, pathways to fencing lines, seating, and everything in between. I am sure you will recognise this in some of your favourite spots.”

The love doesn’t stop with the rides though as Bianca reveals plenty of extra sparkle has also been added to the resort’s onsite accommodation too;

“And that’s not all—our waterpark and hotels have also received some enriching upgrades. I can’t wait for you to experience these enhancements first-hand!”

The Smiler - Alton Towers Resort - England - Rides

Protecting Their Heritage.

As well as working hard to bring life back to the many rides and attractions on offer at Alton Towers, teams have also been hard at work to help protect the resort’s much loved heritage too.

In this evening’s update Bianca has revealed that over the closed season the park have also worked on the grade listed gardens’ iconic Choragic Monument and Scalloped wall;

“Over the winter we have undertaken specialist work on The Choragic Monument and Scalloped wall in our Grade Listed gardens”

“The monument, designed by Peter Hollins of Birmingham and completed around 1830, is a Grade II listed building that features marble bust of the 15th Earl of Shrewsbury and the inscription ‘he made the desert smile’.”

“Aptly, the quote ‘he made the desert smile’ refers to the 15th Earls dedication to improving the gardens and wider estate despite its lack of a natural water source.”

Bianca reveals she hopes that the work carried out on these iconic features will continue to bring smiles for generations to come.

Alton Towers Choragic Monument - *Image Credit: Just Theme Parks.

Limited Edition Merchandise & Overlays.

As well as sprucing up the park and it’s many features it also appears the merchandising & retail departments have also been hard at work too.

This year fans of Alton Towers can look forward to brand new, limited edition merchandise, new food and beverage ranges and even the launch of some fantastic new animated video overlays for on ride photography;

“Get ready for new types of merchandise in our shops, limited-edition items (wait till you see our Nemesis Reborn range!), and exciting food and beverage options.”

“It’s all about bringing something fresh and exciting that we’ve never done before, and we’ll keep listening to guest feedback to keep the momentum going. Plus, following the positive response to the launch of The Curse at Alton Manor video overlay, we’re expanding options for capturing memories across more attractions, so get ready for some new ways to relive your favourite moments!”

It’s safe to say families will have an increased amount of brand new methods to capture their favourite moments and memories at the park this season.

Bianca also teases something incredibly special which she says will bring a little piece of Alton Towers Resort to fans at home, no matter their location;

“And here’s a little teaser: next week, we’ll be launching something special to bring a piece of Alton Towers Resort to you, no matter where you are in the world. Stay ‘tuned’!”

"wait till you see our Nemesis Reborn range!" - Bianca Sammut.

HEX Is Transformed & Ready To Return This Season!

As we already know, 2023 saw Alton Towers’ beloved dark ride HEX: The Legend of the Towers closed for nearly all of their season.

In this evening’s reveal Bianca states the attraction has undergone a major transformation during it’s prolonged closure with brand new effects being added and more.

“We’ve invested in brand new special effects to take this twisted tale to the next level, and I can’t wait for you to experience it.”

“This significant investment reflects our continued passion for dark rides and creating truly immersive experiences. It has led us somewhere really exciting with this attraction.”

” I have been blown away by the work undertaken so far. It is already phenomenal, and I cannot wait to see it come to life further as we continue to work through this project ahead of its return later in 2024. Stay tuned for more details on this much-anticipated comeback! I know you are going to love it.”

As you can tell though it looks as though fans of this beloved ride will have to wait a little longer before they can step back through it’s hefty doors and into the vault.

HEX will return later this season after undergoing a significant transformation!

The Sky Ride Will NOT Reopen This Year!

Sadly this evening’s update also brought with it the news so many have been hoping they wouldn’t hear.

Due to the extensive work required to bring Alton Towers’ iconic Sky Ride back, Bianca has sadly revealed the much loved (and in most cases needed) ride will continue to remain closed this season.

“Over the last year during its closure we have been carrying out crucial work behind the scenes on the Skyride. It has been extensive but needed.”

“As we have worked through this project in collaboration with the ride supplier POMA, we have had to make some critical decisions about the attraction’s future longevity.”

“This went beyond our commitment to just keeping the Skyride operational, it became around the desire to ensure it remains a beloved feature of the park for generations to come. The Skyride isn’t just a ride; it’s a piece of Alton Towers history and an iconic sight at the theme park since the 1960’s.”

“My ambition is not to lose this from the park. Therefore, we are opting to place additional, significant investment into its infrastructure to protect this much-loved attraction that has been a staple of the Resort for so long. This means Skyride will remain closed in 2024 as we continue our work and undertake this multimillion-pound project.

Bianca has revealed however that guests requiring additional help in getting around the park will be able to look forward to an increased amount of mobility scooters available for hire which they hope will help soften the blow.

“In the meantime, we’ve doubled down on our commitment to accessibility with investment in expanding our fleet of mobility scooters to continue to support guests who require additional assistance to navigate our park.”

Alton Towers' iconic Sky Ride will continue to remain closed for the park's upcoming season as the resort work to protect it's longevity with the park.

Alton Towers Dungeon is Set To Be TRANSFORMED For Scarefest 2024!

Another experience which has lacked change since it’s eerie launch at the resort in 2019 is The Alton Towers Dungeon.

With this evening’s update however came the news fans of the park had been hoping to hear for quite some time – changes are on the way (sorry, it’s not going anywhere just yet haha).

“In other exciting news, we’re thrilled to announce that the Alton Towers Dungeon will undergo a thrilling transformation this Scarefest season.”

“From summer, this space will close as it is re-imagined to create something truly special for our beloved event. Prepare for spooks and scares around every corner in a brand-new experience!”

In terms of what we can expect from the attraction’s re-imaging, that is still yet to be revealed, but it’s safe to say this is very much needed if Alton Towers are to keep it at the park in the years ahead.

Alton Towers Dungeon is set to undergo a major transformation and reimagining for the park's 2024 Scarefest event!

Forbidden Valley Will Be More IMMERSIVE Than Ever Before!

Now then, the main event for 2024 – Nemesis Reborn!

Yes, we know the ride’s coming back. Yes – we know Nemesis will be more immersive than ever before with the addition of new theming elements etc, but what about Forbidden Valley itself?

In this evening’s update Bianca addresses the alien crab creature in the room and addresses what fans can expect when stepping back into Forbidden Valley at Alton Towers this season…

” Nemesis Reborn will soon deliver screams once more, accompanied by a reimagined Forbidden Valley that pays homage to this iconic coaster.  I cannot wait for you to experience this thrilling space and enhanced immersion.”

“I am incredibly proud of the team that have worked hard to deliver this area of the park and I am confident you will agree what an incredible level of theming they have achieved.”

As well as sharing the above news Bianca also teases something extra special coming in readiness for the ride’s relaunch over the days ahead;

“If you were excited for Nemesis Reborn before, the next few days and ultimate opening day are set to really cement the anticipation of this thrilling return.”

We’re eagle eyed and eager to find out more over the coming days – 7 days to go tomorrow haha!

Nemesis Reborn will reawaken to the public on March 16th - 8 days from the time of writing this article!

Bluey & 10 years of Cbeebies Land.

Last but not least Bianca shares more about what guests can expect from the park’s 10 year celebrations for Cbeebies Land including when guests will have the chance to meet their latest new arrival – Bluey!

“The reaction to the news that Bluey will arrive at the Resort this Easter has also been incredible. I am so proud we are bringing this award-winning and much-loved IP to the Resort in 2024.”

“As we celebrate 10 years of CBeebies Land, we have even more exciting announcements in store to mark this milestone over the coming weeks. It’s another fantastic reason 2024 is set to be a truly memorable year for the Resort for both families and thrillseekers alike.”

Bluey will officially make her debut at Alton Towers Resort this Easter!

One Week To Go!

After everything revealed by Bianca this evening it’s definitely safe to say that Alton Towers’ 2024 season will almost certainly be it’s biggest yet.

With plenty of work taking place to improve the resort’s facilities and infrastructure as well as lots of exciting new arrivals and additions on the cards too we honestly can’t wait to be back at our second home one week tomorrow!

We can honestly say we have never been so excited to get back to the park and with the season set to kick off with a bang (and an alien tentacle or two) the park appears to be beginning their 2024 season as they mean to carry on – bigger, better and more immersive than ever before.

Bianca concludes this evening’s announcements by teasing a newly transformed 2024 theme park map which she states will arrive in the days ahead, so stay tuned!

” as one final ‘spoiler’ I can confirm to you that our passion to deliver excitement has extended to our beloved park map – all will be revealed in the coming days!”

What are you most looking forward to this season at Alton Towers? Let us know all of your thoughts and expectations for 2024 at the UK’s most magical escape in the comments below.