Is Legoland’s NEW Roller Coaster Worth Checking Out?

Is Legoland's NEW Roller Coaster Worth Checking Out? - Minifigure Speedway.

Is Legoland’s NEW Roller Coaster ACTUALLY worth checking out? This question has probably crossed your mind at least once since Minifigure Speedway opened to the public on April 7th.

Over the past weekend we headed south to answer exactly that and it’s safe to say Legoland Windsor’s new addition certainly didn’t disappoint.

Minifigure Speedway features two opposing sides – Legends & All Stars. The two different sides each represent an opposing team.

The idea behind the ride is that you have been selected to compete on the world famous Minifigure Speedway – home of racing legend Roxy (depicted by a towering LEGO minifigure at the ride’s center).

The two sides feature almost identical track layouts and interact perfectly with each other throughout the whole experience giving riders the chance to wave at their friends and family as they whizz by on either side.

Minifigure Speedway is Legoland Windsor's BRAND NEW dueling family roller coaster for 2024!

Tell Me More?.....

Minifigure Speedway is a ZIERER Rides dueling Force coaster. The ride features custom layouts built to suit the terrain the ride sits upon.

Although not hugely fast, this brilliant little coaster is actually fairly forceful and reaches a good bit of speed to boot.

The track also feels pretty high up too, but this is mostly down to the gradient of the hillside the ride is located on.

Minifigure Speedway features two identical drive tyre lift hills. Riders are pulled backwards up the hills before being released passing back through the station and into the rest of the ride.

Riders also get to experience the same ride backwards before re-entering the station too due to the first half ending halfway up another drive tyre lift.

This type of ride is classed as a dueling family boomerang roller coaster and reaches speeds of up to 34.8 mph on either side.

Riders experience multiple interactions with the opposing ride train throughout the ride in both forward and backward directions.

Where In The Park Is Minifigure Speedway Located?

Minifigure Speedway is located on the other side of Legoland Windsor’s Lego City land behind the infamous Duplo Dino Coaster (that ride really does make some ‘questionable’ noises haha).

It’s setting allows for some brilliant views of the lower park as well as the surrounding area, however these are only available on the ride itself and the station.

The queue line for the ride snakes it’s way up the station from the left with the entrance being to the left of Mini Land (if looking down the park from the top).

Although the queue line feels fairly short given the demand the ride will likely have (although it felt pretty quiet when we were there) Minifigure Speedway in reality eats through queues pretty quickly.

This is due to the park’s currently very efficient ride operations and the amount of riders you can fit on the trains at any one time.

Each train can seat up to 20 riders per cycle allowing the ride to eat through 40 guests per cycle on two full trains.

The ride is also said to have cost Legoland Windsor £10 million to construct and given the fact the park previous featured only one ‘thrilling’ coaster this new addition felt much needed.

Minifigure Speedway is located to the left of Mini Land behind the Duplo Dino Coaster on the hillside at the rear.

Colourful & Eye Catching!

The first thing that caught our eye about Minifigure Speedway when we approached the ride for the first time was just how colourful and eye catching this new ride really is.

The blue and red tracks mixed with the vibrant blue, orange and turquoise themes make Minifigure Speedway stand out a mile away!

The queue line for the ride also features the same colour pallet too making it really pop on a hot, sunny day (which it certainly was when we visited).

This also means that the ride is bound to catch your youngster’s eye too meaning parents will more than likely either be dragged straight to it or round and round in circles.

The ride itself isn’t really too intense either despite having some pretty forceful moments on the banked twists and turns.

It’s definitely a lot faster than it looks off ride that’s for sure!

Minifigure Speedway is incredibly colourful and eye catching meaning little ones and parents alike will be drawn straight to it.

Should I Give It A Go?

In short? Absolutely! Minifigure Speedway makes a fantastic new addition to Legoland Windsor and compliments Merlin Entertainments’ other new 2024 roller coasters perfectly.

Whilst not the most thrilling this family dueling roller coaster feels incredibly re-rideable and will more than likely have you chomping at the bit to get back on again throughout the day.

The ride also features a really picturesque setting too and when the surrounding landscape reaches full growth it’s safe to say this new ride is going to look stunning.

No matter what age you may be you’re certainly going to love this ride, after all, you’re NEVER too old to have fun! Are we right?

If you’d like to hear even more about what we thought of Legoland’s new roller coaster then why not check out our full VLOG covering our visit now on the below link?