Hyperia White Track Sections Are Installed At Thorpe Park!


Hyperia White Track Sections Are Lifted Into Place At Thorpe Park And Installed!

Hyperia white track sections have officially been lifted into place and installed on the construction site of Thorpe Park’s NEW 2024 MACK Rides Hyper Coaster.

The park shared the update yesterday (Tues 24th October 2023) over on their official pass holder group confirming that the new ride had infact had it’s first sections of white track installed.

Along with the update Thorpe Park also shared the following images confirming the progress they had made on Hyperia’s build.


Following this, Thorpe Park also confirmed that the change in colour scheme between gold and white on Hyperia would be clean cut and not blended as had previously been speculated.

This they said was to give the ride a much more dynamic feel and would mean the change would happen at different heights depending on the section (not exceeding the treeline).

Along with the installation of Hyperia’s white track, construction crews have also managed to compete the installation of the steel framework for the ride’s station building and begin installation of the framework for the ride’s maintenance shed too.

The sheer scale at which the work is progressing on the build of Hyperia never ceases to amaze us and it’s fair to say we could well see Hyperia’s giant twisted turnaround section completely installed within the week.


Alongside the continued progress onsite, more and more deliveries for Hyperia continue to arrive at the park from MACK Rides – the new roller coaster’s manufacturer.

These include what appear to be gold transfer track sections, the top of the lift hill’s catwalk (which will stand at 236 ft off the ground) and so much more.

Join us over on our channel now for a full news update as we share more about the timescale in which we expect to see the rest of the ride fly up, when the lift hill will begin installation and more.