Efteling Records HUGE Increase In UK Visitors!


Efteling Records HUGE Increase In Those Visiting From The UK!

It’s recently been revealed that Efteling Theme Park Resort (a personal favourite here at TPI) has seen a 116% increase in visitors traveling from the UK over the past six years.

The data revealing the increase in British attendance was recorded between 2016 and 2023 and shows a drastic surge in popularity among UK travelers.

These fantastic figures were revealed after Efteling recorded a record breaking attendance of 5.43 million visitors last year, the highest annual attendance EVER recorded in the Netherland’s based park’s history.

Efteling not only offers a full array of immersively themed rides and attractions, however the park also offers a full experience for those visiting on par with the likes of Disney & Universal Studios.

Rides such as Baron 1898 (a heavily themed B&M Dive Coaster), Python (a classic Vekoma MK1200 coaster) and Max & Moritz (dueling Mack Rides powered coasters) are just some of the amazing roller coasters on offer at Efteling.

Other fantastic rides such as Symbolica (an insanely immersive, trackless dark ride set inside a purpose built castle) and De Vliegende Hollander (a unique water coaster featuring indoor dark ride sections and outdoor coaster) also feature at the park and remain firm favourites for many who visit.

Overall, it’s very easy to see why so many visitors from the UK would go to Efteling given just how magical this park really is and how little our UK parks rate against the European standard of immersive story telling and immersion.

Efteling Theme Park Resort recorded a 116% increase in those visiting from the UK between the years of 2016 and 2023!