Hyperia Completes FIRST EVER Test Run!

HYPERIA Completes It's FIRST EVER Full Circuit Test Run At Thorpe Park!

Hyperia has FINALLY completed it’s FIRST EVER full circuit test run at Thorpe Park!

Just after 13:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday 16th April 2024 Hyperia, the UK’s NEW tallest and fastest roller coaster officially left the station and began to make it’s way towards the base of the lift hill.

After a long wait and at just before 14:00 the eagerly anticipated new ride finally began it’s descent from the crest of the lift completing it’s first, full circuit test run.

The new roller coaster which opens to the public on May 24th was witnessed by hundreds of onlookers traversing the towering steel structure after slowly but surely making it’s way up the 236 ft tall lift hill.

Mack Rides engineers were in constant communication and were seen to gradually be easing the new ride train onto the bottom of the lift before gently sending it skyward towards the peak.

Today’s first ever test run marks not only a significant milestone in Hyperia’s ongoing story, but also in history as the UK finally welcomes an operating roller coaster taller than The Big One at Pleasure Beach Resort in Blackpool which first opened to the public three decades ago.

Although the first test run has now been completed Hyperia will have to undergo significantly more test runs and hours of testing before public riders will be allowed to board.

Regardless, today’s milestone is a momentous occasion for both fans of the park and theme park enthusiasts alike as we all eagerly await the ride’s official opening next month.

Be sure to stay tuned here on TPI in the weeks ahead for event more progress from Hyperia’s ongoing testing and Thorpe Park as a whole.

At just before 14:00 on Tuesday April 16th 2024 Hyperia- the UK's NEW tallest and fastest roller coaster completed it's FIRST EVER full circuit test run - *Image Credit:Thorpe Park Mania on Facebook.