HEX Returns To Alton Towers Resort This Season!

HEX: The Legend of the Towers Is Set To Return To Alton Towers Resort This Season!

HEX (aka. HEX: The Legend of the Towers) has officially been confirmed to be returning to Alton Towers Resort’s ride line up for the park’s 2024 season.

In an official press release detailing EVERYTHING fans can expect from the resort’s upcoming 2024 season Alton Towers offered the long awaited confirmation many had been waiting for.

HEX suffered almost a full season of downtime throughout 2023 with the ride remaining closed to the public nearly all year.

The reasons behind the ride’s closure remain unknown, however it’s safe to say many fans of the ride are elated after hearing this morning’s news.

The iconic Vekoma Madhouse (said to be the largest of it’s kind anywhere worldwide) first opened to the public in 2000 making HEX 24 years old this season.

The attraction tells the tale of the chained oak and the misfortune suffered by Charles Talbert – the 15th earl of Shrewsbury after snubbing the pleas of a beggar women on his return home to the towers.

The story goes that the earl dismissed her pleas and as a result suffered a curse set to take one family member life for every branch of the old oak tree that falls.

The chained oak itself lies on the outer boundaries of the estate down a path near the Chained Oak Inn, however the vault featured as part of the ride is entirely fictitious.

HEX: The Legend of the Towers is officially set to reopen to the public this season after over 12 months of downtime.

Given this morning’s release we’d expect Alton Towers plan to reopen the attraction at the beginning of the resort’s 2024 season which commences to the public on March 16th 2024.

Other confirmed new additions for this year include Track walks on Wicker Man & Oblivion (experiences offered previously at other Merlin Parks), the addition of Alton After Dark (late night openings during the first 3 weekends of March) and the return of fan favourite events such as Oktoberfest, Scarefest, Fireworks and Christmas – Mardi Gras seems to have been removed from the resort’s 2024 calendar.

Cbeebies Land is also set to celebrate it’s tenth anniversary this year too and as such Alton Towers Resort have announced they plan to mark the occasion in style.

Finally, fans of Alton Bear will have the chance to meet the legend in the fur with new Alton Bear meet and greet opportunities and new street theatre is also expected to arrive at the resort throughout the season too.

Check out the below official video released by Alton Towers themselves this morning detailing EXACTLY what you can expect from their upcoming 2024 season!