Vekoma Share First Look At Circuit Breaker’s Ride Train.

Vekoma Share FIRST LOOK At The Ride Train For Circuit Breaker!

Vekoma have given fans their FIRST LOOK at the shiny new ride train for Circuit Breaker – North America’s first ever Tilt Coaster.

The new gen version of the manufacturer’s classic tilt coaster concept is set to open at COTAlandCircuit of the Americas‘ onsite amusement park in Austin, Texas later this year.

Circuit Breaker is set to take those brave enough up to head spinning heights before tilting them forwards at a 90 degree angle and dropping them into the rest of the ride’s layout.

The new generation ride is also set to have 4 inversions and will make up one of two new roller coasters set to open at the park later this year (2024).

The above shows an animated impression of how Circuit Breaker will look at Circuit of the Americas once complete. - *Image Credit:

Upon revealing Circuit Breaker’s stylish new ride train Vekoma shared two close up images and a short video on their social media.

The video captured the fantastic onboard audio guests will experience when riding Circuit Breaker and the ride train’s sleek lighting package could also be seen too.

The new trains feature Vekoma’s signature over lap bar restraints complete with vest restraints. These new generation ride restraints already feature on other new generation Vekoma roller coasters worldwide such as Lech Coaster at Legendia in Poland and Abyssus at Energylandia (also in Poland).

Circuit Breaker’s ride train lighting package will also help add an extra dimension to the ride for those riding after nightfall and will allow the ride to stand out on COTAland’s skyline.

Overall, Circuit Breaker demonstrates Vekoma’s continued ability to innovate and captivate with each and every new ride they create.

The sleek, stylish design definitely feels very reminiscent of a race car or sports car and given the theme of the ride as well as it’s location Circuit Breaker’s sporty look will compliment Circuit of the Americas perfectly.

Check out the below video showcasing Circuit Breaker’s onboard and lighting package in action & be sure to let us know your thoughts on this fantastic new ride in the comments below!