Europa Park Make HUGE Progress On New Austrian Area.

Europa Park Make HUGE Progress On Construction Of Their Newly Re-imagined Austria Themed Area.

Europa Park have shared some great updates over the past week showing the ongoing construction of their NEW for 2024 re-imagined Austria themed area.

The park have been forced to rebuild the land following irreversible damage to the rides and attractions within caused by a major blaze in early 2023.

Over the past few weeks Europa Park have shared some great updates across their social media showing construction work taking place on the attractions within the area including the land’s MACK Rides powered Alpenexpress Enzian & Tirol River log flume.

In today’s update Europa Park have gifted fans of the park a behind the scenes look at the current work taking place to create the land’s immersive Diamond Cave theming.

The Alpenexpress Enzian powered coaster first opened at the park back in 1984 and was believed to be the main source of the blaze due to an electrical fault.

Europa Park have also decided to transform the area moving most of it into an outdoor setting after having had most of the previous Austria area indoors.

Concept Art released by the park late last year also showed a high level of attention to detail regarding making the appearance of the Austria look as authentic to the country itself as possible.

As well as installing ride track for Alpenexpress Enzian Europa Park have also recently taken delivery of ride trough sections for the land’s log flume too.

It’s anticipated that the newly imagined land will open to the public later this season and is the second time in the past decade Europa Park have been forced to rebuild one of their lands as a direct result of a blaze.

The former Pirates of Batavia boat ride also suffered an identical fate back in 2018 when fire broke out near the park’s Holland and Scandanavia areas causing the previous iteration to be damaged beyond repair.

Regardless, the new Austria themed land looks set to bring the land inline with the rest of the themed lands within the park where both quality and depth of detail are concerned.