Drayton Manor New Coaster Construction Update 03/02/2024.

Drayton Manor New Coaster Construction Update 03/02/2024.

Drayton Manor recently began vertical construction on their new for 2024 Intamin Lift and Launch roller coaster.

The new ride which is set to occupy the footprint of the park’s former Apocalypse and Pandemonium attractions is progressing quickly now as the park work towards opening their new roller coaster later this year.

The new coaster’s name and opening date are all still yet to be confirmed & as such not much is really known about what guests can expect from the new coaster other than the fact it will make up the star attraction of a newly created, western themed land.

In shots captured today we can see a significant amount of the ride’s track and supports now in place including the ride’s lift hill and first drop.

Alot of banked twists and turns also appear to now be in place and a couple of straight sections also seem to have been installed which could either be the brake run or the launch.

Drayton Manor’s new coaster will also be the first of it’s kind to open at any park worldwide with the closest here in the UK being Th13teen at Alton Towers.

Continued deliveries to the site have meant that more and more of the ride has gone up over the past week and with crews seemingly now working over weekends too it shouldn’t be too much longer before the ride’s track and supports are complete.

The one thing we can’t seem to figure out though is where abouts in the layout the ride’s station building will be?

We do believe though that with the sheer amount of height, what appear to be points of airtime and more Drayton Manor’s new for 2024 roller coaster is surely set to be quite the hit when it opens later this year.

Overall the current rate of progress being made by Drayton Manor on the construction of their new ride is incredibly impressive and we can’t wait to find out see the coaster reach completion over the coming weeks.