Flamingo Land Remove Two Classic Attractions.


Flamingo Land Have Removed TWO Classic Attractions From The Park!

Flamingo Land Resort – Yorkshire’s premier theme park resort and zoo based near Malton, North Yorkshire have removed a further two classic rides from their line up.

In recent images shared by our good friends over at Flamingipics, The Flying Clowns and The Teacups are both shown to have been removed from their respective spots at the park.

Rumours regarding their imminent removal have been circulating for some time and in this recent update we can now see these rumours have been proven to be correct.

Although only small, these two attractions have infact been with the park for some time and have proved very popular with families visiting the park over the years.

The Flying Clowns once stood in the above spot next to Zoom and Splash Battle - *Image credit: Flamingopics.
The Teacups once stood in this spot next to Navigator & Hero - *Image Credit: Flamingopics.

Along with the removal of these two ride, work on the park’s 2004 BEAR Grand Flume ride – Lost River Ride also appears to have begun too, but the purpose of this work is yet to be revealed.

It has however got many questioning whether or not Lost River Ride could infact be leaving the park due to the fact alot of the ride’s lower part of the drop and trough seem to have been removed.

It’s no secret that the park’s giant water ride has suffered significant down time over the past few years and has also been missing a roof over the top of the drop since earlier this year.

With Lost River Ride proving as popular as it is with the guests, it’s very unlikely the ride will infact be leaving permanently, however no official information regarding the work has yet been released by Flamingo Land themselves and for now, the iconic ride’s future with the park remains uncertain.

In the above image we can see that a significant part of Lost River Ride's lower drop has been removed and work is taking place in and around the ride's trough - *Image Credit: George Whitelaw.

The removal of both the The Teacups and The Flying Clowns (which let’s face it, were very creepy haha) will more than likely just be aesthetic and down to their age.

We do however believe that the park have huge plans for development over the next 10 years as it was stated that SIK was just shape of things to come where Flamingo Land Resort’s future was concerned.

With that in mind we don’t feel it will be too much longer before we see more significant developments and investments taking place at this much loved Yorkshire theme park.

Check out our latest news update over on our channel now to hear full thoughts on what we think could be happening with Lost River Ride and the spot where the ride currently stands.