Drayton Manor’s NEW Roller Coaster Arrives Onsite!


Drayton Manor's New Roller Coaster Has Started To Arrive On Site!

Drayton Manor‘s BRAND NEW 2024 roller coaster – confirmed to be an Intamin Lift & Launch coaster has begun to arrive at the park.

The brand new ride will be the first of it’s kind here in the UK and in an update by our great friend Lift Hills And Thrills it was revealed today (Monday 04th September) that the first sections of ride hardware had arrived onsite at Drayton Manor.

Ground works for the new roller coaster have also been well underway for the past month or so too and in a recent interview, Victoria Lynn – Drayton Manor’s Managing Director confirmed we could well see supports going into place as early as the next few weeks. 

The above image shared today by Sean Evans from Lift Hills and Thrills confirms the arrival of the first ride supports for the park's new 2024 roller coaster!

Drayton Manor’s new 2024 roller coaster will be the first new coaster to be introduced at the park since the addition of Accelerator back in 2011.

In an interview it’s also confirmed that the new ride will make up part of a “new land” too and that it’s set to be one of the UK’s BEST family thrill coasters in quite some time.

Victoria Lynn also confirms the fact that the new coaster will also have numerous different settings too and as such no two rides will ever be the same!

Drayton Manor are projecting the ride will open as soon as Spring of 2024 and as such Victoria Lynn also confirms this should still be possible as the project is currently on track to meet it’s deadline.

Overall, the addition of this brand new ride is a great move by both Drayton Manor & The Looping Group and shows their commitment to ensuring the future of both the park and the resort as a whole.

Drayton Manor's new 2024 roller coaster is now confirmed to be an Intamin Lift and Launch roller coaster!

2024 at Drayton Manor won’t just see the introduction of a new roller coaster though. In another recent update by Victoria Lynn it was also confirmed that Shockwave – the park’s 1994 Intamin Stand Up roller coaster (currently the only one of it’s kind here in the UK) will also see significant changes too.

Following years of rumours circulating that Shockwave could lose it’s stand up trains, it was finally confirmed that this infact be the case next season.

Along with new sit down trains, the iconic roller coaster will also be receiving a new name, theme and reduction in it’s height restriction from 1.4 meters to 1.2 meters.

This will allow younger riders to enjoy the ride and will help Shockwave fit the park’s newly focused, family thrill dynamic.

Overall, 2024 holds a lot of substantial changes for Drayton Manor and as such we can’t wait to watch the ride go vertical in the months ahead.

To find out more about what we could expect from Drayton Manor’s new coaster why not check our recent news update which includes our predictions on the ride’s possible theme and more!