Alton Towers Offer Fans Chance To Own A Piece Of DUEL!


Alton Towers Offer Fans Of DUEL The Chance To Own A Piece Of History!

Alton Towers recently teased fans of DUEL (the resort’s former iteration of their world famous haunted house ride) that “something was coming, but you might have to duel for it”!

In an official update this morning both on their social media and on the resort’s YouTube channel Alton Towers revealed a limited run of special edition Duel Blasters for sale.

Each was priced at £250 each (without Merlin Annual Pass discount) and offered fans of the ride the chance to own their very own piece of history.

Regardless of the seemingly high price tag, these special edition pieces of merchandise sold out within minutes and left fans asking whether or not we could infact see more items from DUEL materialise on the park’s official online store in the months ahead?

Each limited edition DUEL blaster came mounted on it's very own stand with the attached price tage of £250 each.

Today’s reveal of a limited run of special edition merchandise isn’t the first by Alton Towers as the park have also sold off limited edition items in the past too.

Everything from a section of ‘launch rope’ from Alton Towers’ 2005 Intamin Accelerator Coaster RITA to Staff uniform and even a specially created Scarefest Sign model are just some of the many different limited runs Alton Towers have sold through their online store in the past.

Like many, we feel today’s run of blasters may not be the last time we see Alton Towers sell items related to the ride and as such we expect we could see more in the months ahead.

Other parks across the UK such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Drayton Manor and even Paultons Park have also sold off former ride parts in the past, therefore it’s nice to see Alton Towers doing the same.

The one item many fans of the park have been requesting however is sections for the former Nemesis track which saw demolition earlier this year.

To date, we have been led to believe that a few sections of old track have infact been kept back by the park, therefore it will be interesting to see what Alton Towers choose to do with it as we head towards 2024 and the ride’s 30th anniversary.

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