Dorney Park Announce Iron Menace For 2024!

Dorney Park Have Officially Announce Brand New Ride Iron Menace For 2024!

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom have announced the arrival of Iron Menace – a BRAND NEW ride for the park’s 2024 season!

The exciting new custom Bolliger & Mabillard Dive Coaster is set to feature 4 inversions, heights of up to 160 ft and dive beyond vertically at 95.0° making Iron Menace at Dorney Park the world’s 2nd beyond vertical dive machine to open worldwide.

Iron Menace will also reach speeds of up to 64 mph, feature a total length of 2,169 ft and carry up to 21 riders per cycle across three rows.

Dorney Park finally revealed the new ride this morning to much anticipation, managing to whip thrill seekers into a buzz of excitement 

The highly popular theme park, based in Allentown, Pennsylvania already plays host to 7 other operating roller coasters including the iconic wooden roller coaster Thunderhawk and Hydra The Revenge – the park’s exciting 2005 floorless B&M roller coaster.

Iron Menace will officially become their 8th roller coaster and will likely prove hugely popular once open.

Along with a teaser video showcasing the new ride, Dorney Park also revealed an animated POV and flyby video showcasing the ride and it’s many exciting different elements.

An official opening date for Iron Menace is still however yet to be set, therefore be sure to stay tuned here on TPI in the months ahead to find out more as soon as more information becomes available!

Check out the official release videos below…