Nemesis Construction Progresses At Alton Towers.


Nemesis Construction Continues To Progress At Alton Towers Resort!

Nemesis is continuing to ‘grow’ at Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire as more and more of the ride’s new track continues to be lifted into place.

The iconic roller coaster which will turn 30 years old next year has been undergoing a complete overhaul including the replacement of most of the ride’s track.

Nemesis first opened at Alton Towers back in 1994 and since doing so has amassed somewhat of a cult following.

Upon closing at the end of the park’s 2022 season, John Wardley – the ride’s original creator promised significant changes and ‘some surprises’ as part of the ride’s ‘rebirth’ in 2024!

So far, Alton Towers have revealed a brand new, much more imaginative colour scheme for the iconic ride, imminent changes to the station building’s facade and teasers inviting park goers to “seek the truth” surrounding the ‘real reason’ behind The Phalanx’s ongoing investigation.

Recent track installation on Nemesis has seen the ride’s incredibly forceful downward helix go back into place as well as three out of the ride’s four inversions leading up to the brake run.

Recent track installation has seen Nemesis' iconic downward elix go back into place on the construction site of the newly re-imagined Nemesis!

Other changes now expected to take place include the addition of new theming elements on Nemesis’ station building (mainly a new eye given the recent addition of a giant wooden structure), possible additional theming elements around the ride’s queue line and the introduction of a possible pre-show to the ride

Most of this however still remains speculation, however the reopening of Nemesis Sub Terra certainly has us confident BIGGER changes than we furst expected could be coming to Nemesis for 2024.

The rate of which work has taken place to retrack the ride remains incredibly impressive and recent rumours suggest we could infact see installation of new track conclude as early as later this month.

It’s also been hinted that we could see possible testing taking place by Scarefest 2023 too, however all of this has yet to be confirmed officially by the park themselves.

Regardless of this, we remain confident that Nemesis could infact be structurally complete by the end of 2023, but completion of theming and other associated elements will more than likely take place throughout the 2023 closed season.

There have been a lot of questions surrounding when exactly we can expect Nemesis to finally reopen and given the ride’s original opening date of March 19th 1994, we would hope the park stay as close to this as possible.

The current rate of progress would definitely make that possible should Alton Towers stay on course at their current trajectory that’s for sure.

Other speculation surrounding the rebirth of Nemesis includes the possible addition of a new name – Nemesis Reborn and the return of the ride’s iconic red rivers.

Evidence to support the addition of the new name already exists given Merlin Entertainments recent application for a trademark of this name, however evidence of the red rivers remains to be seen.

A lot of sources within the park have hinted at their return although to date nothing official has yet been confirmed by Alton Towers themselves.

Overall, we remain confident that the return of Nemesis for it’s 30th anniversary next year will bring with it so much more than we first expected including huge changes to the ride’s overall appearance, the introduction of new theming and so much more.

We will of course keep you all posted on the ride’s progress in the months ahead and look forward to getting back on Nemesis in 2024!

Check out the below look back to Nemesis’ closing night below and hear from the legend himself John Wardley about exactly what he thinks we can expect from ‘Nemesis Reborn’ next season.