Dark Universe Comes to Universal Epic Universe in 2025!

Dark Universe Comes To Universal Epic Universe In 2025!

Dark Universe is set to come to Universal Epic Universe in 2025. The eerie new world centered around Universal Pictures’ iconic Universal Monsters series will bring to life some of it’s most fearsome characters in innovative and creepy new ways.

The land will make up one of the five immersive new worlds set to feature at Universal Orlando Resort’s third gate park – set to open in early 2025 as confirmed earlier this year,

Dark Universe will feature TWO new rides, the chance to meet some of your favourite monsters and a varied range of different catering options as well as the chance to be made up as your favourite Universal Monster.

So what can you expect from Dark Universe? Let’s take a look!

Dark Universe will make up one of the FIVE immersive new worlds set to open at Universal Epic Universe in 2025!

Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment

Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment features as the headline dark ride in Dark Universe and explores the ongoing work of the sinister Doctor Frankenstein.

“Dr Victoria Frankenstein continues the work of her ancestors deep below the family estate. A demonstration of her experiments to control monsters goes awry when Dracula leads a revolt of enraged monsters including The Wolf Man, The Mummy, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and more”

Classed as a “thrill motion simulator“, this imaginative new attraction is said to feature robotic arm technology similar to that featured on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and will also sport a 48″ (122cm) height restriction.

The ride itself is set to feature inside a gigantic Gothic manor setting the tone for the experience ahead from the start.

The queue line is also said to feature some immersive and innovative new techniques to chill and wow those who dare enter.

These will include the Phantom of the Opera’s organ which is said to feature 14 individual flame points shooting fire 3 feet into the air in synchronisation.

Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment features as Dark Universe's headline dark ride

The Curse of the Werewolf

Escape the claws of the werewolf aboard Dark Universe’s thrill new MACK Rides spinning roller coaster – The Curse of the Werewolf.

“Maleva, leader of The Guild of Mystics, welcomes you to a secluded wagon camp. Here you’re warned of the creatures who prowl the deep woods. Before long you’re riding Curse of the Werewolf – surrounded by glowing eyes and gnashing teeth, you’ll spin and weave through the forest as you attempt to escape a pack of werewolves.”

This thrilling new roller coaster will feature an enclosed multi-pass launch complete with show scene, a height restriction of 40″ (102cm) and reach speeds of up to 37 mph throughout it’s 2 adrenaline fueled minutes of ride time.

The Curse of the Werewolf is set to be Dark Universe's headline roller coaster & will reach speeds of up to 37 mph throughout it's 2 minutes of ride time.

Darkmoor Monster Make Up Experience

Transform into your favourite Universal Monster with Dark Universe’s Darkmoor Monster Make Up Experience and unleash the beast within.

“At Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience, Dr Pretorius’ old lab has been converted into a parlour to continue the spirit of his demented experiments. Here, skilled artisans use their talents to experiment on customers and release their inner love of Universal Monsters – be they werewolves, vampires, mummies or something even more fashionably monstrous.”

Take front stage and receive an award winning transformation from the industries leading monster make up artists in this hands on make over experience.

Darkmoor Monster Make Up Experience gives fans of Universal Monsters the chance to revel in the eerie glory Dark Universe provides by ‘fitting in’ with a monstrous new look.

You can also further your transformation with the chance to purchase plenty of themed apparel and gifts to match your spooktacular new appearance.

Undergo your very own monstrous transformation at Darkmoor Monster Make Up Experience by becoming your favourite Universal Monster in the most authentic way possible.

Meet The Monsters On The Streets Of Darkmoor Village

Come face to face with all of your favourite Monsters as you bravely roam the dark and dingy streets of Darkmoor village.

“Visit Darkmoor Village and meet its inhabitants, including Frankenstein’s Monster and his Bride; Ygor; The Invisible Man; a courageous monster hunter; or a musician who may regale you with songs about the village. Feel free to say hello and take photos with them. But beware. You never know who – or what – may be lurking in the shadows.”

Universal Pictures’ infamous monsters are set to haunt the streets and inhabitants of Darkmoor village at every turn.

Be on your guard as you get up close and personal with some of Universal Monsters most well known characters and if you’re feeling brave, why not snap a pic or two with them?

These roaming characters give fans of the franchise the chance to encounter all of their favourite monsters in the most authentic way possible.

All characters present are however subject to availability on the day of your visit and you may not be guaranteed to meet them all in one go.

Meet your favourite Universal Monsters on the streets of Darkmoor Village with Dark Universe's roaming character actors. - *Appearances can be subject to change on the day.

Das Steakhaus

Got a monstrous appetite to match your new themed appearance? Why not drop by Das Stakehaus – Dark Universe’s themed onsite restaurant!

“Shrouded in mystery, Das Stakehaus is an old inn and dining hall built over the ruins of ancient catacombs. Here you can enjoy a meal surrounded by vampire artwork and artifacts. In fact, the restaurant is run by vampires’ “familiars”, or servants. Just don’t venture down to the catacombs below or you might find yourself on the vampires’ menu.”

Das Stakehaus is set to make up one of two themed catering options located within Dark Universe serving hearty meals and thirst quenching beverages in an eerie, fully themed setting.

Although menus are still yet to be released for this fang-tastic new dining option it’s safe to assume food and beverage options will more than likely be much more than just your average snack.

Satisfy your monstrous appetite at DasStakehaus - an eerily themed restaurant set in the heart of Darkmoor Village.

The Burning Blade Tavern

Got a burning urge for something quick instead? Why not drop on by at The Burning Blade Tavern and grab a quite bite to eat and satisfy your monstrous cravings.

“The Burning Blade Tavern is the old mill which Darkmoor Village’s monster hunters have transformed into their hangout. Here guests will discover stories of some of the countryside’s most accomplished creature capturers along with a menu of burgers, wings, bratwursts, pretzels and beverages.”

The Burning Blade Tavern is set to offer quick service catering alongside Das Stakehaus as the second of two catering options located within Dark Universe.

This fiery catering outlet will offer snacks on the go as well as cold drinks and more – both alcoholic and none alcoholic for those brave enough to explore Darkmoor Village.

Again, menus are still yet to be confirmed, however we’d expect to see your typical fast food options with a potential themed look to suit the outlet’s location.

The Burning Blade Tavern will also feature a fiery windmill atop it’s roof with real fire and flame effects.

The Burning Blade Tavern will be the second of two catering options available to guests within Dark Universe.

When Will Dark Universe Open To The Public?

Well, that’s EVERYTHING you can expect to encounter when bravely stepping through the fog shrouded portal of Dark Universe, but as ever, when will it open?

At present although no official opening date has yet been set for Universal Epic Universe to open to the public we feel it’s safe to assume the eerie new land will more than likely open alongside the rest of the park.

There has been no other new to suggest this won’t be the case so far and as such we don’t expect this will be the case either.

Overall, Dark Universe is by far one of our most anticipated new lands for Dark Universe and given we’re massive horror fans this is probably the one thing we’re looking forward to most overall.

Be sure to stay tuned here on TPI over the coming months for even more updates regarding Universal Epic Universe and in particular, Dark Universe.

At present Dark Universe is fully expected to open alongside the rest of Universal Epic Universe in easrly 2025.