5 Must Visit UK parks this Summer!

5 Must Visit UK Parks This Summer!

Summer is officially upon us, and the dreaded battle of trying to keep your kids entertained throughout those long 6 weeks is looming closer and closer as schools get ready to turf out the young ‘uns until September.

With this in mind we know you’ll want to be out of those four walls as frequently as possible, but what to do and where to go?

A great family day has the potential to make so many happy and long lasting memories, and what better place to create those memories than at some of the UK’s top theme parks and attractions?

Family time spent at these attractions can create fun, thrills and excitement for all which in turn will bring you together as a family and appreciate each others company.

With that in mind (and in no particular order) we’re sharing our top 5 UK theme parks you simply must visit as a family this Summer!

1 - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

When it comes to creating long lasting memories as a family during those roasting Summer months, there really is no better place to do so than at the beach.

The UK offers a whole range of different seaside based amusement parks and piers, however where as most come across tacky and stereotypical Bristish seaside there are one or two that shine out above the rest.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach (based on the Flyde Coast) offers a perfect mixture of classic amusement park rides and ultra-modern thrill machines ensuring there really is something for everyone.

The park itself plays host to well over 35 different rides and attractions and features iconic UK additions such as The Big One (formerly the Pepsi Max Big One), Icon and even the Big Dipper!

There really is something for everyone, and with the addition of the park’s Nickelodeon Land area Blackpool Pleasure Beach really does have you covered when it comes to entertaining thrill seekers and casual riders of alike.

The Iconic Big One stands tall on the Flyde Coast as a focal point for thrill seekers and fans of a good view alike.
2 - Paultons Park

Next up, we have Paultons Park just outside the village of Ower in Hampshire.

This up and coming family park has risen up the ranks in recent years boasting what are very likely some of the UK’s most immersive family friendly themed experiences.

Although Paultons Park is now mostly known for playing host to Peppa Pig World and the brand new for 2021 Tornado Springs (Click Here to find out more), this fantastic family park also boasts a wide range of different family friendly rides and attractions which are perfectly suitable for all ages. 

Paultons Park are also underway with preparing an expansion to Tornado Springs for 2022 with the addition of a brand new fully immersive Zierer Force roller coaster named Farmyard Flyer.

Paultons Park really is a must this Summer when it comes to having that perfect family day out (especially if you have younger children).

Brand new for 2021 - Tornado Springs - a brand new area featuring the UK's first ever MACK Rides Spinning Coaster.
3 - Thorpe Park Resort

When it comes to keeping the older kids (we’re talking teens mostly here) entertained and off their phones during those grueling 6 weeks you don’t get much better than a day out with the family at Thorpe Park Resort in Chertsey, Surrey!

Thorpe Park really is one for the older thrill seekers, however the park does have a few smaller family favourites thrown in there for good measure too.

Playing host to fear inducing thrill machines such as Stealth (a 205ft tall Intamin Accelerator coaster) and The Swarm (the UK’s only B&M Wing Coaster) Thorpe Park really does have keeping thrill seekers sated down to an art.

In all the “Island like No Other” as it’s fondly known features 27 different rides and attractions in total boasting everything from some incredible thrilling flat rides to the infamous Derren Brown’s Ghost Train and even the absolute soaker that is Tidal Wave!

Thorpe Park really is an absolute must this Summer when it comes to keeping the older ones entertained and out of mischief (as if haha).

Why not get absolutely drenched in the hot Summer sunshine with a chilled ride on Tidal Wave?
4 - Oakwood Theme Park

If you’re looking for something a little different this Summer when it comes to a family day out at a theme park, you don’t get much better than a day out at Oakwood Theme Park in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

This fantastic family theme park not only features one of the UK’s most iconic wooden roller coasters with Megafobia, however its also incredibly underrated in our opinion too.

Oakwood plays host to well over 30 different rides and attractions in total, and with it’s stunning rural location theme park family photos don’t get much better than this!

The park also features a wide array of different family friendly attractions too making it the perfect countryside escape for families with young children and older thrill seekers alike.

We highly recommend paying a visit to Oakwood this Summer if you can as this park really is not to be missed.

Speed: No Limits - considered by many to be the UK's best Gerstlauer Eurofighter!
5 - Alton Towers Resort

If there is one obvious choice this Summer for that perfect family day out then it has to be Alton Towers Resort!

Now we know what you’re probably thinking “well that’s a bit of an obvious choice isn’t it?” – well hear us out.

If there is one thing Alton Towers is good at above everything else, it’s catering to families and creating an experience.

The UK’s most magical resort features a perfect mix of family and thrill additions ensuring they cater for guests of all ages in an immersive yet idyllic setting, surrounded by stunning heritage gardens and grounds.

The unusual location mixed with the creativeness of the park’s rides and attractions makes for what is likely to be the most memorable days at any UK theme park you are ever likely to have.

This in turn helps to capture the hearts and imagination of any thrill seeker young or old as they become lost in the resort’s magical immersive atmosphere ever looking out for the next big thrill.

Alton Towers really is the perfect family day out and is not to be missed this Summer!

The Smiler still holds the world record of most inversions found on any roller coaster anywhere in the world to this day with a head spinning (literally) 14 inversions.

So there you have it, those are our top 5 must visit UK parks this Summer!

We really hope this has helped to give you a better idea of what to do when it comes to keeping the kids out of mischief during the impending Summer break.

Are there any other parks you would add to this list though and if so what are they?

We would love to know your suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you very much for reading.