Tornado Springs – A Complete Guide!

A Complete Guide to Paultons Park's brand new 2021 area Tornado Springs!

This year immerse yourself in the nostalgic midwest of 1950’s rural America as you enter Tornado Springs – A thrilling desert resort plagued by cyclones and tornadoes.

Tornado Springs is a brand new area set to open at one of the UK’s most immersive family theme parks Paultons Park located in Romsey, UK.

The area features 8 brand new rides and attractions including the UK’s first ever MACK Rides Spinning Coaster. a gigantic Zamperla Gyro Swing and some fantastically themed children’s play areas to name but a few.

In our complete guide we’ll go through everything you’ll need to know when visiting Tornado Springs this season.

A Bit of Context

Tornado Springs is the latest new area to be added to Paultons Park’s extensive offering and includes some pretty significant new additions for the park overall.

The area was originally scheduled to opened in 2020, however the decision was later taken to delay it’s opening due to the ongoing pandemic.

Tornado Springs also features one of the park’s most thrilling additions yet in the form of The Cyclonator – a gigantic Zamperla Non-inverting Discovery Revolution.

Footers have also recently been spotted for a yet to be confirmed 2022 addition which we speculate could be a potential expansion to Tornado Springs in the form of a junior coaster.

The brand new area is modeled on the midwest U.S. of the 1950’s and features everything from a driving academy to a fully themed Route 83 diner.

Rides and Attractions

As mentioned previously Tornado Springs features 8 brand new rides and attractions in total – here’s a full break down of what to expect.

Storm Chaser - a MACK Rides Sierra Sidewinder Spinning Coaster.

Storm Chaser is Tornado Springs’ headline attraction and the first ride of it’s kind to be installed in here in the UK!

“Come on Storm Chasers! Take an exhilarating ride on the spinning and swirling Storm Chaser and try to capture the perfect storm on this awesome family spinning roller coaster”

Storm Chaser is a MACK Rides Sierra Sidewinder and features a total of height of 65ft, a height restriction of 1 meter and requires those under 1.2 meters to be accompanied by an adult.

Cyclonator - a giant Zamperla Discovery Revolution.

Cyclonator is set to be Paultons Park’s most thrilling addition yet and is a Giant non-inverting Zamperla Discovery Revolution.

“Only for real thrill seekers, the mighty Cyclonator spins and swings you to a height of 25 metres! Experience Cyclonator’s awesome power as it harvests the crops for the residents of Tornado Springs. No doubt, this gyro swing pendulum ride will leave you in a spin!​​​​”

Cyclonator is set to offer stunning views of Tornado Springs and requires riders to be a minimum height of 1.2 meters to ride with those under 1.4 needing to be accompanied by an adult.

Windmill Towers - A pair of Zierer Family Drop Towers.

The Windmill Towers are a pair of Zierer Family Drop Towers located at the heart of Tornado Springs.

“Which tower will you choose? The Water and Windmill towers at Tornado Springs stand proud over the town providing power generation out in the crooked countryside. These two super fun drop towers will make riders squeal with delight as they bounce them up, down and up again!”

The Windmill Towers make a perfect family addition and require riders to be a minimum height of 0.9 meters to ride with those under 7 needing to be accompanied by an adult.

Buffalo Falls - A Metallbau Emmeln dingy water slide.

Splish and Splash as you traverse Buffalo Falls – a fully themed Metallbau Emmeln Dingy Water Slide consisting of 4 different slides in total.

“Tame the wild river and race dinghies down the breath-taking white waters of the legendary Buffalo Falls. Take in the view across Tornado Springs before feeling the rush of riding down the falls on this magnificent water raft ride.”

Buffalo Falls has been re-themed from Wave Runner to fit in with Tornado Springs and requires riders to be a minimum height of 0.9 meters to ride with those under 7 needing to be accompanied by an adult.

Al's Auto Academy - a Garmendale Driving School.

Al’s Auto Academy is a Garmendale Driving School and offers young wannabe drivers the chance to test out their skills as they explore the bustling highways of Tornado Springs.

“Take the wheel and head out on to Route 83 at the legendary Al’s Auto Academy!  Test out some of Al’s latest rides and pick up your very own driving licence* from Al’s Shop and Service. *driving licences purchased at an additional charge.”

Riders must be a minimum height of 0.8 meters to ride and those over 1.2 metes can drive alone and must be between 6 – 12 years old to do so. Riders over the age of 13 cannot drive alone.

Trekking Tractors - A Metallbau Emmeln Powered Circuit Tractor themed ride.

Trekking Tractors is a Metallbau Emmeln Powered Circuit Tractor themed ride and takes guests on a tour around Farmer Flo’s farm on her “cute little old tractors”.

“Stop by Farmer Flo’s and enjoy a leisurely trip on her cute little old tractors around the farm. There’s lots to see on your travels; all manner of delicious fruit and veg and keep an eye for the cheeky and mischievous groundhogs who have taken up residence!”

Trekking Tractors makes the perfect relaxing family addition to Tornado Springs and no height restriction applies, however those under 0.75 meters must ride in the back seat and those under 1.1 meters must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Rio Grande Train Ride - A Severn Lamb Train Ride.

The Rio Grande Train Ride is a Severn Lamb Train Ride and takes guests on a relaxing journey through the heart of Tornado Springs and beyond as they marvel at the incredible sights and sounds of the midwest.

“All aboard! No trip to Paultons would be complete without a ride of the famous Rio Grande Railway! Fully refurbished for 2020 and now with onboard audio, the classic Rio Grande loco will take passengers on a delightful journey through the heart of Tornado Springs, through the woods and around Little Africa.”

This great little addition features no height restrictions and all children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at the discretion of the driver.

Adventure Play U.S. style!

Tornado Springs also features two adventure play areas suitable for both older and younger guests alike in the form of Junkyard Junction and Parking Lot Tots.

Junkyard Junction - Suitable for older adventurers.

Junkyard Junction is the more adventurous of Tornado Springs’ two offerings and is suited to more daring, adventurous visitors.

“Crikey, youngsters sure do have a lot of get up and go! Let off some steam at the Junkyard Junction playground, a super adventure play area in the heart of Tornado Springs!”

Junkyard Junction is suitable for adventurers aged between 6 and 13 years of age with the need to be fully accompanied by an responsible adult at all times.

Parking Lot Tots - outdoor adventure play aimed at children 5 and under.

Parking Lot Tots is outdoor adventure play for the under 5’s and all children entering the play area must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

“Little ‘uns can let their imagination roam free in this exciting and fun themed playground with the Route 83 Diner and toilets conveniently located nearby.”

Parking Lot Tots is located within easy reach of toilets and facilities and makes the perfect child friendly addition to this midwest themed area.

Food and Gifts!

When it comes to enjoying that much needed break and refill or taking home your own piece of the action, Tornado Springs has you covered!

The brand new area features the heavily themed Route 83 Diner offering guests an authentic taste of 1950’s america and Al’s Shop and Service where guests can purchase everything from their very own driving license to official merchandise and sweets.

Presenting the Brand New Route 83 Diner located at the heart of Tornado Springs.

“Well, howdy partner! A warm welcome awaits at the Route 83 Diner for some of the tastiest treats from way out west! Whether you choose the classic 83 Burger, succulent Chicken Tenders, or a delicious Bad Boy Dog the whole family are guaranteed to discover some of the dandiest most yummy treats on the highway. We look forward to seeing y’all soon!”

Al's Shop and Service - Offering guests the chance to take home their very own piece of the action!

Al’s Shop and Store is a new retail outlet in Tornado Springs. This is where you can purhcase your very own Tornado Springs Driving Licence! The store will also sell unique Tornado Springs merchandise and mementos, personalised goodies and of course, the odd sweet treat or two!”

So Why Visit Tornado Springs?

It’s no secret that Paultons Park are very well known for their exciting, fully themed family attractions, and Tornado Springs is no exception!

This brand new area will not only thrill and excite, however it will also capture your heart too as you step back in time to the heyday of Rural 1950’s America.

Tornado Springs offers the perfect mix of thrills and family fun and for this reason a visit to the park’s new area will appeal to all ages.

Paultons Park also has many other well established rides and attractions too including the UK’s only Peppa Pig land and the awesome prehisotric land of the Lost Kingdom which offers yet more roller coasters and thrills.

In total Paultons Park plays host to well over 70 rides and attractions in total across a total of 140 acres meaning you’ll never be at a loss for your next thrilling experience.

In conclusion Paultons Park is by far one of the UK’s best family theme parks, and with this new addition the Park can almost certainly look forward to a bright and prosperous future in the years ahead.

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