Fun Spot America Atlanta announces 2022 RMC IBOX Hybrid!

Fun Spot America Atlanta officially announces brand new RMC IBOX Hybrid thrill coaster for their 2022 Season!

Fun Spot America Atlanta are primarily known for their fantastic, thrilling family rides and attractions, however what they have planned for the 2022 season will well and truly place them firmly back on every roller coaster enthusiast’s map!

On May 25th Fun Spot America in Atlanta made a HUGE announcement via all of their social channels that they would be officially partnering with industry giants Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC for short) to bring a hugely thrilling new addition to the park for the 2022 season.

The brand new addition has amassed a huge amount of hype since it’s announcement back in May and today the park finally confirmed more about what we can expect from this exciting new addition including the ride type, layout and it’s first element – a gigantic Dive Loop!

The above Dive Loop will be the second to ever feature on any RMC IBOX Hybrid roller coaster worldwide!

The statement released by the park across all of their major social media outlets read as thus;

In the post the park ask the question “How many twists, turns and inversions do you foresee on the coaster?” and this has got many guessing as to the exact number we are likely to see when it comes to thrilling elements.

We currently predict between 4 and 5 in total, however it’s definitely difficult to say for certain at this point as little information has still been officially released regarding the ride.

For us it all depends on just how big the park want to go with their investment and making their mark on the industry next season.

We would however love to hear your thoughts and predictions in the comments below, however be sure to check out the below official video over on our YouTube channel to hear more about what we expect from this incredible new roller coaster when it finally opens to the public next year!