5 Absolute No’s When Visiting A Theme Park!

5 things you simply must not do when visiting a theme park or attraction!

Let’s be honest, you don’t pay the amount you do to visit a park or attraction without expecting to get your moneys worth, are we right?

With this in mind there are some things you must avoid doing at all costs when visiting said park or attraction if you want that to happen!

In this brief post we’re sharing our Top 5 Absolute No’s when visiting any theme park or attraction (in no particular order).

1 - DO NOT arrive late!

Punctuality is key!

If you want to make the best start possible then it is imperative you arrive at the park or attraction as early as possible!

Don’t be afraid to arrive earlier than may seem reasonable, after all the earlier you arrive the more chance you have of getting that first spot in the line and having your pick of the attractions upon entry.

As a rule we would always recommend arriving at least one hour prior to the stated opening time (however if you can get there even sooner GREAT!)

This should ensure you have a better choice of parking too minimising any walk you may have to the entrance to a minimum (we’re thinking of Alton Towers here).

2 - DO NOT head straight to the first ride or attraction you see!

Do not (and we can’t stress this enough) head straight to the first ride or attraction you see!

This is a common mistake and usually results in you having to wait far longer for other rides throughout the rest of your day.

Approach your visit like a game plan and map your route through the park out prior to visiting.

Head to attractions on the other side of the park first (for example Dark Forest at Alton Towers or SAW: The Ride at Thorpe Park).

Queues for those attractions will usually be shorter and this will enable you to hammer out more at the start of the day than starting near the entrance to the park will.

Also, if there is a ride you know will get massive queues later in the day (Smiler for instance) then start your day there and get that ride done first.

Planning your day ahead really will make all the difference between either getting loads done or getting nothing done at all.

3 - DO NOT spend more than you have to!

There is no denying a visit to a theme park can be a very costly affair (if you let it)!

The first thing to bare in mind here is take your dinner (or tea) with you if you can.

As nice as eating at the park may seem, it could end up costing more than you’d like it to.

Catering outlets at theme parks usually cost far more than your average high street outlet and this is ultimately down to their location and the monopoly on custom they possess.

If you are visiting as a large family then we would definitely recommend taking a packed lunch with you if you can.

Also, don’t be sucked in by Fast Pass or Fast Track!

If you plan your day ahead then you should be able to get on all the rides you want to do without having to pay extra to do so.

We admit, when queue times seem high then the temptation is certainly there, however remember to check the physical queues before making a decision as queue times on apps aren’t always 100% accurate and can be higher than they are in reality.

Parks also sometimes do this deliberately to encourage spending on fast tack so always be cautious & check first.

Lastly always remember optional extras such as on-ride photos or merchandise are exactly that – optional, they are not a must!

4 - DO NOT over do it!

As great as it can be hopping from ride to ride, one after another this really can hinder your time at the park too.

Always ensure that you leave brief periods throughout your day to take a break, sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

In most cases most visits will usually come with some form of commute, therefore you don’t want to get to the end of the day and be too tired for the journey home (especially if you’re driving).

This does however apply more to day visits than it does to onsite overnight stays.

A visit to a theme park or attraction is about far more than just the rides and attractions, it’s about having quality time with your family and friends and making memories.

If you are too tired from blasting out rides all day then let’s face it, that ain’t going to happen and you will all end up at each other throats instead.

It is crucial you take time to relax, chill and enjoy each other’s company as well as making the most out of the rides and attractions.

5 - DO NOT forget to be kind!

This is by far probably the most important rule of them all! Don’t forget your manners!

There are always going to be times when rides break down and plans change, however don’t forget that when this happens the staff are usually just as put out by this as you are.

Staff members are there to help and are there to ensure you have the best day possible, but most importantly they are ONLY HUMAN!

Always be kind, considerate and understanding of the situation you have both been placed in and remember they’ll want things to resolve themselves as quickly as you do.

It’s therefore imperative that you treat them with the same level of decency and respect you would expect afforded unto yourself at all times.

Be kind and understanding of the pressure they will be under.

If for any reason you feel you have to complain then make sure you head to the correct point to do so (e.g. guest services) as the staff there will be fully trained to ensure your needs are met as efficiently as possible.

This doesn’t only apply to staff members though, it also applies to all other guests visiting the park too.

Remember everybody is there to enjoy their day at the park just as much as you are.

Always make sure you remember those around you at all times, but most importantly ensure you have lots of fun whilst doing so.

So, In Conclusion....

There are of course many other things to avoid doing when visiting a theme park too, however these are certainly the 5 we feel make the biggest difference between a great visit and a poor one.

As long as you follow these simple steps then we guarantee your visit will be all the better for doing so.

Most visits usually end up being the best when you relax though and have fun and what better place to do that than at a theme park?

Theme parks are by their very nature about escapism, and as long as you immerse yourself in your day and use your common sense then you really can’t go wrong.

What other absolute no’s would you suggest when visiting a theme park? We’d love to know your recommendations below!