Top Thrill 2 Cedar Point Details Leaked!


Top Thrill 2 Cedar Point Details Leaked By Ride Manufacturer Zamperla!

Top Thrill 2 (as it’s now known) is set to open at Cedar Point in 2024 & today (30/07/2023) full details of what we can expect from Top Thrill Dragster’s rebirth were unintentionally leaked by the manufacturer.

Teams at Zamperla – now officially confirmed to be the ones to bring new life to Cedar Point’s iconic 2003 Intamin Accelerator roller coaster accidentally published full details of the ride’s new iteration on their website.

Top Thrill 2 is confirmed to feature a 420 ft vertical spike, 3 LSM (Linear Synchronous Motor) launches and reach speeds of up to 120 mph with each subsequent launch growing in speed and intensity.

The ride will start out by launching riders forwards at 72 mph up Top Thrill 2’s existing top hat element before launching them backwards at 101 mph up the newly created vertical spike.

Riders will then free fall into the final 120 mph forwards launch before traversing the top hat and plummeting downwards to the ‘finish line’

It’s also been confirmed that Top Thrill 2 will feature a height restriction of 120 cm (or 48 inches) and will include a fast switch track to help speed up operations as a whole.

Finally, Top Thrill 2 will feature newly created ‘lightning trains’, feature a total track length of 3,422 ft, operate with 3 trains and will be able to carry a maximum of 20 riders per ride.

Top Thrill 2 is set to be Zamperla’s BIGGEST (and most ambitious) ride project to date making Top Thrill 2 the world’s first ever re-imagined strata coaster.

An official update by Cedar Point themselves is set to follow shortly on August 1st at which time we expect to find out much more about the ride’s theme, official name (Top Thrill 2 is currently Zamperla’s project name fore the ride) & so much more.

Finally, Top Thrill 2 will also be the world’s fastest and tallest LSM launched roller coaster once complete and will usher in a new era for potential re-imaginings of exisiting hydraulically launched roller coasters worldwide.

Are you excited for Top Thrill 2? We’d love to hear all about your thoughts and expectations for Cedar Point’s ground breaking new ride addition in the comments below…