Thorpe Park Confirm Rebrand Is Coming In 2024!


Thorpe Park Confirm A Rebrand Is On The Way For 2024!

Thorpe Park Resort based near Chertsey in Surrey, UK have confirmed they plan to re-brand for the park’s upcoming 2024 season!

The new look will fall in line with the launch of the UK’s NEW tallest & fastest roller coaster Hyperia – a 236 ft tall MACK Rides Hyper Coaster.

Thorpe Park’s new look will usher in a brand new, thrilling era for the island like no other as the park continues to towards focusing their ride and attraction offering towards thrill seekers as opposed to families (like most other UK theme parks are doing right now).

The confirmation of their upcoming change of appearance came in the form of an image shared in their official pass holder group in which they shared a look at a faux grave stone which reads the following;

“Died of a brand identity crisis, Suppose infinity is not forever, But from darkness comes the light.”

Although this cryptic tombstone doesn’t reveal much about what we can expect from Thorpe Park’s new appearance, what is clear is that what look the park choose to go with should reflect their shift in focus towards the thrill market.

Thorpe Park Resort confirm their imminent rebrand in the form of a faux tombstone at this year's Fright Nights event! - *Image Credit; Thorpe Park.

Thorpe Park’s upcoming 2024 season brings with it the park’s BIGGEST investment into new ride hardware since the opening of The Swarm back in 2012.

Like most, we’re eager to learn more about what we can expect from the park’s new appearance in the months ahead, however (also like most, we’re sure) we just hope they do their ‘new look’ justice.

Upon announcing Project Exodus (now confirmed to be named Hyperia), Thorpe Park also promised fans of the park they wouldn’t have to wait anywhere near as long for their next major roller coaster investment too.

We do however wonder where the next major new attraction may go, but as we know the island behind The Swarm (currently serving as a storage lot for Hyperia) was once ear marked for development and a major new coaster too.

Overall, it’s fair to say these are the most exciting times Thorpe Park have seen in quite some time and as Hyperia continues to climb skyward we ask the question – what COULD the future hold for Thorpe Park in the years ahead?

Only time will tell! In the meantime though here’s a little look at the official name reveal for Project Exodus below…