The Alton Towers Dungeon Will Close Sooner Than Expected.

The Alton Towers Dungeon Will Close Sooner Than Expected!

The Alton Towers Dungeon will close sooner than expected.

The highly controversial addition to Alton Towers Resort first opened to the public in 2019 replacing the former Charlie and the Chocolate Factory attraction.

The live actor lead experience features 5 actor lead shows, a re-imagined boat ride known as “The Black River” and lasts around 45 minutes from beginning to end.

After noticeably dwindling attendance Alton Towers Resort revealed earlier this year that the attraction would close in it’s current format in late July (July 17th) to make way for a scary new Scarefest Experience.

The Alton Towers Dungeon has also been an additional upcharge since it first opened too with most other UK dungeons attractions being located externally to other attractions (with the exception of The Caste Dungeon at Warwick Castle) and being included with your Merlin Annual Pass.

Alton Towers Resort’s rendition has however been chargeable to both the general public and pass holders since it’s opening and as a result this has made the attraction very unpopular with Merlin Annual Pass holders visiting the park.

The Alton Towers Dungeon first opened in 2019 and features FIVE actor lead shows as well as a boat ride named The Black River.

Today however (Sunday 23rd June 2024) a discovery was made revealing the attraction will now in fact close a lot sooner than first expected.

Instead of closing on July 17th as first seemed to be the case, The Alton Towers Dungeon will now invite peasants to step inside for the last time on July 2nd instead.

What will replace The Alton Towers Dungeon is yet to be revealed, however it’s highly probable that July 3rd could infact be the last day we’ll ever see The Alton Towers Dungeon open it’s doors to the unsuspecting public.

This is however yet to be confirmed, but given how much the attraction will likely change we’re not currently expecting to see The Dungeons return for Alton Towers Resort’s 2025 season. 

It’s no secret that earlier this year Project Horizon – a new indoor attraction set to be located next to The Alton Towers Dungeon and behind the World of David Walliams was also given the green light too.

With this in mind we did originally speculate the attraction could well close in favour of Project Horizon and the introduction of a brand new area.

This is also further supported by recent rumours that 2024 could well infact be the final year for The World of David Walliams too (although this has yet to be confirmed by Alton Towers Resort officially).

The Alton Towers Dungeon will now close to the public from July 3rd instead of July 17th as first expected. The final day of opening will be July 2nd.

There are still currently tickets available for The Alton Towers Dungeon on July 2nd (at the time of writing this) and as such we will be there to document this short lived attraction’s final day.

Although we do love The Dungeons, The Alton Towers Dungeon has infact felt a tad stale in recent years with no new scenes or additions being added since it first opened in 2019.

We’re very much looking forward to finding out what comes next for the building currently housing the attraction and as such we’ll be sure to keep you all updated here on TPI as soon as more news becomes available as to what will replace The Dungeon this Halloween.