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When Rides Let You Down!

When Rides don’t quite Live Up to your Expectations & Let You Down! Rides that leave you Feeling Let Down! There’s nothing worse is there? Have you ever stepped off a ride having completely hyped it up to find out you really shouldn’t have bothered? If you answered YES, then believe

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Five UK Rides That Would Make Great Movies!

Five Theme Park Rides I Feel Would Transfer Perfectly To Movie Script! Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise! These are just some of the most well known rides and attractions to have seen the big screen treatment over the years. When it comes to adapting their attractions


The Swarm – Thorpe Park Resort, UK!

The Swarm – 2012 B&M Wing Coaster located at Thorpe Park Resort in Chertsey, Surrey, UK! In 2012 the end finally came and Thorpe Park Resort underwent an irreversible transformation which would leave it’s mark for years to come beckoning those brave enough to take on a all new kind