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2020 – Looking back at a season with a difference!

Ok, let’s face it! When it comes to enjoying our passion, 2020 has been about as far from ideal as you can possibly get! That being said, we have still had some truly amazing times this year.


2020 – A Dramatic Season of Change!

2020 – How a global pandemic changed the way we enjoy theme parks and attractions for the foreseeable in a dramatic and uncompromising way! As closed season 2019 finally drew to a close and the 2020 season began back on a cold and windy February weekend on the Flyde Coast


How being an enthusiast has done wonders for our mental health!

How does being an enthusiast affect your mental health? I provide insight into just how much being an enthusiast has changed my life and the changes it has brought to my constant battle with my mental health! You have to admit, there is just something about spending a day at