Starfall Racers Begins Testing At Universal Epic Universe!

Starfall Racers Has Officially Begun Testing At Universal Epic Universe!

Starfall Racers has officially begun test runs over at Universal Epic UniverseUniversal Orlando Resort’s upcoming third gate park set to open in 2025.

The dueling MACK Rides Mega Coaster has been spotted testing by news crews and onlookers over the past few weeks from both the land and air.

The new roller coaster is set to make up the star attraction of Universal Epic Universe’s Celestial Park section of the park.

Track construction of the new roller coaster concluded in mid 2023 and since then work has been continuing to both theme and landscape the new ride.

Starfall Races is set to reach speeds of up to 62 mph, heights of up to 133ft and feature 1 inversion throughout. Both sides will feature the same stats.

It’s also noted on that the ride will feature 5,000ft of steel track in total as well as utilising LSM launches.

In recent testing footage captured by C Watkins of Welsh 2 news and shared on X (formerly Twitter) one side (the yellow side) of Starfall Racers can be seen traversing the layout with some speed.

The new MACK Rides coaster seems incredibly well paced, appears to feature some good airtime moments and carries it’s own very well.

Starfall Racers is set to open as part of the new theme park (said to be one of Orlando Florida’s most groundbreaking theme park additions yet) in 2025, however an exact opening date for both the ride and park is yet to be set.

Starfall Racers is set to make up just one of FOUR new roller coasters coming to Universal Epic Universe in 2025.

The other three have yet to officially be named, but we do know that one will be called Donkey Kong: Mine Cart Madness & the other The Curse of The Werewolf.

Three of the new roller coasters are also manufactured by Mack Rides as well making Universal Epic Universe the land of MACK coasters when it opens next year.

Check out the below testing footage of Starfall Racers making the rounds at Universal Epic Universe as shared recent by C Watkins of Channel Welsh 2!