SAW Alive Finally Leaves Thorpe Park!



SAW Alive – originally envisioned as Thorpe Park’s answer to an all year round scare attraction first opened at the resort back in Spring of 2010.

The horror IP themed walk through attraction challenged those brave enough to walk through a range of authentically recreated sets from the popular horror movie franchise.

Due to it’s location however and the fact the SAW Alive was situated inside the former Thorpe Park Belle boat the attraction finally closed it’s doors for the last time in 2018.

This was due to health and safety concerns regarding the fact the boat itself had sadly started to sink further into the lake.

As a result the attraction and the adjoining queue line have stood abandoned and unused ever since.

After nearly 5 years of the area being vacant however, Thorpe Park have today confirmed plans to transform the area into a brand new picnic area and viewing plaza.

The brand new chill out area will transform the former SAW Alive site into one of a tranquil nature and will give guests even more space to ‘take 5’ during their action packed visit.

Due to it's use the former SAW Alive attraction has continued to sink into the lake surrounding the park ever since it's closure in 2018 - *Image Credit - Thorpe Park Mania.

Along with the announcement of plans to transform the area, Thorpe park have also confirmed plans to permanently remove the attraction from the park altogether.

Thorpe Park have confirmed this information via a post on their official pass holder group;

“We’ve been pretty busy this closed season making improvements across the park, we have lots to update you on ahead of Preview Day on 18th March.

First, we’re thrilled to confirm we’re starting work to improve the existing SAW Alive pathway:
 –  Removing the SAW Alive queue line
 –  Pathing the existing queue line to create an open space
 –  Creating a new shaded picnic area to chill in
 – Opening up the awesome lake view
 – We’re also hoping to move the SAW Alive boat”
Thorpe Park shared a closer look at the beginning of the work taking place on their official pass holder group today - *Image Credit - Thorpe Park.

Although Thorpe Park don’t officially confirm SAW Alive definitely WILL leave the resort, it’s fairly safe to say that in order to achieve their desired effect the attraction will definitely have to go.

SAW Alive remained a firm favourite with park goers during it’s time at the park, however there’s no denying the site now looks sad and very abandoned.

Overall, the removal of the former horror attraction and a complete overhaul will not only provide great view points for rides such as SAW: The Ride & Colossus, however it will also be a perfect view point for the park’s upcoming new 2024 ride – Project Exodus!

Today’s news is certainly fantastic and shows Thorpe Park’s ongoing commitment to creating a modern, thrill focused theme park with chilled out island vibes at the exact same time.

Are you happy by today’s news of SAW Alive’s imminent departure? Or would you liked to have seen the iconic attraction make a come back in some shape or form?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings regarding today’s news in the comments below.