PROJECT EXODUS ‘On Track’ For 2024 Opening.


PROJECT EXODUS At Thorpe Park On Track For A 2024 Opening!

Project Exodus at Thorpe Park has today been confirmed by Merlin Entertainments Careers as currently being on track for it’s projected 2024 opening.

In an official post, Merlin Entertainment’s careers division shared that there is “Approx 15 months” left of Thorpe Park’s construction project for the UK’s new tallest roller coaster.

This falls in line with the previously anticipated timeline for construction of the new ride as stated in the park’s official public consultation and planning application.

Official ground works on the Project Exodus site commenced in December of last year and to date have seen some pretty major milestones reached.

These include the full removal of all previous rides and attractions from the park’s Old Town area and the complete removal of the former Loggers Leap station building to name but a few.

The sheer volume of work completed on the site so far is very impressive and Thorpe Park have also been very good at keeping everyone up to date on the project over on their official annual pass holder group.

Along with today’s post confirming the progress taking place Merlin Entertainments Careers also showed the below image stating “Approx 15 months to go! Project Exodus has begun, with a new ride coming to THORPE PARK Resort.”

"Project Exodus has begun, with a new ride coming to THORPE PARK Resort." - *Image credit - Merlin Entertainments Careers.

A lot could happen between now and 2024 though and as such Project Exodus’ official opening could still be delayed, however we remain hopeful this won’t be the case.

The sheer rate of construction taking place on the site at present is extremely impressive though and as such we can’t wait to see the new ride grow over the coming months.

Other developments at the park include the arrival of the first official ride parts for project exodus and impending removal of Loggers Leap from the park very soon.

Be sure to stay tuned here on TPI over the coming months to keep fully up to date with all the latest happens down on the site of Project Exodus and the UK’s next tallest roller coaster at Thorpe Park Resort.