LUNA Opening Date Revealed By LISEBERG!


Liseberg Have Officially Revealed When LUNA - Their BRAND NEW Custom Vekoma Family Boomerang Will Open!

LunaLiseberg‘s upcoming 2023 Vekoma Custom Family Boomerang Coaster has sped through it’s installation in recent weeks.

With this being the case it was only a matter of time before the last section of track was installed the ride’s opening date revealed.

This morning (Friday January 27th 2023) Liseberg finally revealed the proposed opening date for Luna, and you won’t have to wait too long.

Luna has been confirmed by Liseberg to be premiering at the resort this April (April 22nd to be exact).

The exciting new ride will make up the final addition in the park’s 2022 family area Luna Park and will help mark the resort’s 100th year of opening.

With the track now fully installed and the ride trains speeding their way to the park it should only be a matter of time before we see testing of their new ride begin.

Throughout the construction of the ride, has continued to do a fantastic job in keeping us all up to date with the ride’s progress.

This was fantastic to see and only helped heighten the hype surrounding the ride, but will it live up to the hype once it opens?

LUNA is officially set to open to the public at Liseberg on April 22nd 2023 and will be the tallest and fastest ride of it's kind once open! - *Image Credit - Liseberg.
What Can You Expect From LUNA?

Once open, Luna will officially be both the tallest and fastest roller coaster of it’s kind anywhere in the world.

Reaching speeds of up to 42.3 mph as well as heights of up to 109.9 ft, LUNA will race through Luna Park twisting and swerving in and out of the area’s other rides and attractions.

The overall length of the ride is also 794 ft and as mentioned previously the park’s new family coaster is a custom model.

This is due to the fact Luna has been created to sit perfectly within the park’s terrain and the area it now stands.

The opening of the new ride will surely be the perfect way to mark Liseberg’s Centennial anniversary and will stand testament to the legacy Gothenburg’s iconic amusement park commands.

The new ride can also seat up to 720 riders per hour and will feature a booster wheel lift hill identical to other roller coasters of it’s kind.

To date, the family boomerang coaster remains one of Vekoma’s most sought after products.

It therefore makes sense that Liseberg would choose to add a ride of this kind as their headline attraction within the park’s latest family area.

"Reaching speeds of up to 42.3 mph as well as heights of up to 109.9 ft, LUNA will race through Luna Park twisting and swerving in and out of the area's other rides and attractions." - *Image Credit - Liseberg.
Should I Be Excited For LUNA?

Absolutely. Luna will make a great new addition to the park and will give families visiting the park the perfect step up towards Liseberg’s other, much bigger rides.

It’s colour scheme also fits in perfectly with the surrounding landscape too and the ride lends itself ideally to the area’s steam punk theme.

LUNA will also provide for some fantastic views and will interact with Luna Park’s other rides and attractions throughout ride too.

This means you will have the chance to wave at your friends and family as you sweep across the land before shooting skyward and plummeting back down in reverse.

Overall, Luna will be the ideal new ride for Luna Park and the land nearest Liseberg’s upcoming new hotel too.

Fancy a virtual ride before you step aboard this coming April? Then why not check out Liseberg’s official animated on ride pov below?!