Official Ride and Attraction Reviews!

Here you will find all of our official reviews from the various different rides and attractions we have had the chance to experience during our travels!

Sharing our full thoughts on our experiences of the ride or attraction in question we also aim to provide further insight into the history of the chosen subject and be as informative as possible when and wherever we can!

Ride Reviews

Flamingo Land Resort, North Yorkshire, UK

Mumbo Jumbo - 2009 S&S El Loco
Kumali - 2006 Vekoma SLC (Custom)
Hero - 2013 Zamperla Volare
Velocity - 2005 Vekoma Motorbike Coaster (custom)

Lightwater Valley - North Yorkshire, UK

The Ultimate - 1991 British Rail Hybrid
Raptor Attack - 1987 Schwarzkopf Wildcat

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancashire, UK

Icon - 2018 Mack Mega Coaster
The Big One - 1994 Arrow Dynamics Hyper Coaster

Thorpe Park Resort, Surrey, UK

The Swarm - 2012 B&M Wing Coaster
Saw: The Ride - 2009 Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter
Stealth - 2006 Intamin Accelerator Coaster
2002 Intamin Multi Inversion Coaster
Nemesis Inferno - 2003 B&M Invert

Chessington World of Adventures, UK

Vampire - 1990 Arrow Dynamics Suspended Coaster

Alton Towers Resort, Staffordshire, UK

Th13teen - 2010 Intamin Family Drop Coaster
Nemesis - 1994 B&M Invert
Oblivion - 1998 B&M Dive Machine (prototype)
Wicker Man - 2018 GCI Wooden Coaster
RITA - 2005 Intamin Accelerator Coaster

Attraction Reviews

York Dungeon - York, North Yorkshire UK
London Dungeon - London, UK
Alton Towers Dungeon - Alton Towers Resort,