Mumbo Jumbo – Flamingo Land UK

Mumbo Jumbo - 2009 S&S El Loco located at Flamingo Land, Malton, North Yorkshire UK!

Ahhhhh Mumbo Jumbo, You little beauty you! This by far has to be one of the most fun and unique rides on park aside from Kumali of course and features a layout which feels like it something out of a mega sized K-nex kit with some crazy elements and twisted track included that will bring you to the edge of your seat (literally!).
This awesome El Loco coaster by ride manufacturer S&S Worldwide features an extremely thrilling and compact layout (also a standard layout as well) which not only delivers a 112 degree drop (world’s steepest at the time of opening taking the record from Saw: The Ride the same year it opened by 12 degrees) but it also features some incredible hangtime, some crazy moments of adrenaline fuelled fun and an overall bonkers experience to boot!!
Here’s what you can expect from this insane piece of engineering if you dare to embark on it for yourselves!;
You exit the station and immediately turn a full 180 degrees to the right before ascending possibly one of the fastest lift hills we have ever experienced!! The train is yanked up the lift at break neck speed before levelling out, completing a turn around at the top giving some amazing views of the caravan site beyond.  You’re then whipped down the beyond vertical drop at a fair old speed! It’s safe to say that you’ll definitely be leaving your lunch at the top of this one and with only some minimal OTSRs and a lap bar to hold you in this gives for a truly thrilling experience as you descend the drop and immediately climb back up into a break neck turn to the left! You then ride through some trim brakes before traversing your way through some interesting outward banked turning to the right and around the gradually inverting track which leads you into the second element – the dive loop! Make no mistake this particular part of your experience gives for some truly phenomenal hangtime as you dangle upside down slowly moving ever closer towards the dive! At this point the blood rushes to your head and the sheer thought of ‘HELL YEAH!!!’ passes your brain and exits your mouth with a sheer tone of exhilaration! You then complete the Dive Loop and head back up again into yet another break neck turn to the left and some more trims before turning a corner and traversing downwards at some speed through a Zero-G roll! This part for us has to be our favourite part! You then complete an upward banked 180 degree turn and head straight into the break run!


Now there are those who have ridden this who claim that this ride is exceptionally rough, however apart from the last turn we didn’t find this to be the case at all, in fact if anything we found the whole experience very smooth indeed! It’s quite evident that when riding this it almost feels as if the manufacturer has taken inspiration from the classic wild mouse coaster and basically put it on steroids as some of the elements included in this ride are just sheer madness to say the least!

Mumbo Jumbo also features another classic soundtrack and although we are uncertain of the composer on this one (and believe us we have looked!) it still never fail to lodge itself in your head for the rest of the day (poor ride operators haha!). With a jungle drum style beat and an amazonian feel to it the soundtrack along with the loose themeing around the ride (another seemingly common Flamingo Land Trait) really helps to give this a cartoon style tribe feel which seems to fit both the ride and the park perfectly keeping the feel of ride light, fun and overall appealing to all who visit!

Overall this incredibly wacky and insane ride gives for a fun and very thrilling experience delivering a ride that you’ll not soon forget! We always make a point of getting straight on this and also take the time afterwards to stand and watch those others brave enough to ride this descend the 112 degree drop screaming as they do so (which always gives us continuous laughs regardless!). We highly recommend giving this a try for yourselves when visiting Flamingo Land as this is not an experience you’ll want to miss out on trust us!!