Velocity – Flamingo Land, UK

Velocity - 2005 Vekoma Booster Bike Launched Coaster located at Flamingo Land Resort, Malton, North Yorkshire UK!

Ahhh, nothing beats the feeling of strapping yourself in, ‘gearing’ yourself up and bracing yourself as you prepare to be launched down a coaster track at neck breaking speeds before traversing a tightly packed, highly nippy layout of banked twists and turns, pops of airtime and a sheer feeling of exhilaration that will leave you breathless and asking for more! Well, if this is what you seek then you have surely come to the right place! Velocity which officially opened it’s air gates to the public on 02/07/2005 really will lead you to believe that you have mounted a motorbike as this thrilling launched coaster is probably the closest you’re ever going to get to experiencing this type of feeling without actually doing this just that!

A 'Motorbike like' experience from start to finish!

It’s clear that Velocity had been designed at the concept phase to provide riders with unbridled thrills and the ultimate adrenaline rush that only a launched coaster could provide, and although Velocity isn’t likely the best launched coaster in the UK (the title of which will surely go to Stealth at Thorpe Park!) it is by far one of the most fun! At times we would even take this over Icon due to the sheer force the launch inflicts (which let’s face Icon is seriously lacking in)!

Thrill seekers will be propelled from stationary to 54 mph in a mere matter of seconds and when you couple this with the fact you are bent over the handle bars of a ride car which has been designed to feel like you’re straddling a Honda it’s fair to say that the experience this ride provides is possibly one of the most unique launch experiences you will find anywhere in the UK to date! The Vekoma Booster Bike coaster is mostly known for it’s use in the famous ‘Tron Light Cycle’ rides at the Disney Parks, however a lot of UK based enthusiasts can understandably be forgiven for forgetting that you don’t have to pay an expensive air fare to experience this ride type for yourself! All you need do is make the journey to what is fast becoming North Yorkshire’s premier theme park resort (and our home park too, not that we’re biased haha!) and you can do just that! With other adrenaline pumping additions located on park such as Kumali and Mumbo Jumbo it’s fair to say that Velocity fits into the resort without any effort what so ever ensuring that when making the trip to the park you’re certainly not lacking in a more than adequate selection of thrill inducing machines!

"Provides exactly what it says on the tin - Velocity!!"

So the main question is what can you expect from Velocity should you be brave enough to ride this for yourself? Well, one thing is for certain, you won’t just find yourself doing it as a one off experience!! If you’re aim is to find a ride that will get your heart racing then you will definitely not be disappointed as Velocity will do just that and then some!

As you exit the station you will turn a full 180 degrees and find yourself inline with the station! You will then be met by the glorious sounds of revving motorbike engines! After 3 to 5 seconds of suspense you will be propelled at speed down the ride’s hydraulic launch reaching the ride’s total speed of 54 mph! You will then proceed over the highest point of the ride (an airtime hill standing at 57 ft) before diving into a series of twisting turns and banked curves as you race around the track (which if you’re like us will be done with both arms in the air like you just don’t care)! After around what is likely 20 to 25 seconds you will finally make your way back towards the station traversing a couple of small airtime hills as you do so! This will then bring you into the brake run and to the end of your motorbike like ride experience!

In our opinion Velocity has to be by far one of the stronger rides on park and is also the first major coaster you will pass prior to making your way further into the park as it stands at the end of the park’s entrance plaza! Velocity’s previous colour scheme of orange track and turquoise supports also helped the ride to stand out straight away as one of the highlights of the park’s skyline! This however has now since being re-imagined and as such the ride has now received a full repaint over the closed season of 2019 to give it a more modern and sporty feel now donning red track and light grey supports instead (very G-Force we know haha)!

This coaster also now sits behind the park’s newest addition taking the spot light away from it, however this definitely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still jump on and try it for yourself! Don’t be put off by the fact that this ride features no inversions however as this definitely doesn’t take away from the overall experience in any way! It’s very clear that Velocity is a definitely a permanent crowd pleaser as queues are remain fairly lengthy even to this day, especially at peak times!

"Unbridled Thrills!!"

We really can’t recommend giving this ride a try for yourself enough as if you’re like us and are constantly looking for the perfect coaster which not only fits the thrill filled brief you’re going for but also proves the perfect candidate for re-rides then Velocity is an ideal candidate! Therefore hop on board, brace yourself and start your engines as you prepare to experience one of Flamingo Land’s highlight attractions and put your pedal to the metal whilst straddling a motorcycle like a hardened member of Hell’s Angels!!