Rocket Rollercoaster Opens At Lightwater Valley This Week!

Rocket Rollercoaster Opens At Lightwater Valley In Yorkshire This Week!

Rocket Rollercoaster – a NEW roller coaster coming to Lightwater Valley Adventure Park in Ripon, North Yorkshire is set to open this week.

The new ride (or should it be third hand ride) formerly operated at Camel Creek Adventure Park near Cornwall from 2019 to 2022 and prior to that operated at Skypark in Bulgaria.

Rocket Rollercoaster reaches heights of up to 32.8ft, features 0 inversions and is an Interpark Cyclone.

The ride looks set to stand towards the rear of the park near to where Lightwater Valley’s former traveling rapids ride once stood.

After much speculation and anticipation from fans regarding when the new addition would open, Lightwater Valley have now updated their website to reveal Rocket Rollercoaster will open to the public this coming Saturday 6th April 2024.

Lightwater Valley have however come under a lot of scrutiny over the past few years following Brighton Pier Group‘s decision to refocus their target audience to 12 and under.

This has meant the removal of all but a few large scale thrill rides at the park including one of the park’s most iconic roller coasters – The Ultimate.

Rocket Rollercoaster previously operated under the name Airbender at Camel Creek Adventure Park near Cornwall.

Other iconic additions such as Raptor Attack (aka. The Sewer Rat), Apollo and The Black Pearl have also now left Lightwater Valley too.

Lightwater Valley have however added new additions year on year to the park inline with their refocus – all of which suit the lower end of their chosen audience.

The park have also introduced new prehistoric mascots and live entertainment to their line up to as well as a purpose built theatre and other new rides for 2024 too.

Rocket Rollercoaster is perhaps one of Lightwater Valley’s most anticipated (and secretive) new additions yet, but following new information on we can now confirm the ride set to feature at the park.

The TPI team is set to visit Lightwater Valley this week and as such we’ll be sure to share a closer look at the new ride within our vlog covering our visit.

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Rocket Rollercoaster is set to open at Lightwater Valley Adventure Park this Saturday 6th April 2024.