INVERSION at Flamingo Land to Open Summer 2022?


INVERSION at Flamingo land Resort - Will it Open This Summer?

INVERSION at Flamingo Land Resort in Malton, North Yorkshire (as it’s currently known – not the ride’s official name, yet) has been sat dormant since early 2020 due to construction on the ride halting as a direct result of the pandemic.

Things have however FINALLY begun to pick back up again and with that being said it’s safe to say work seems to have gone into overdrive as the park (reportedly) work towards a Summer 2022 opening.

The projected timescale was recently confirmed by a park spokesmen during an interview with Your Harrogate (click here to see the interview) back in October of 2021.

Since the interview the same timescale has also been confirmed by other sources too which leads me to believe things are finally getting back on track.

With that being the case works finally begun to repaint the ride back in early 2022 as well as other works starting to pick up across the construction site too.

*Image Credit - Flamingopics
*Image Credit - Flamingopics.

Will The Ride Open This Summer?

Although Flamingo Land Resort are yet to provide any official update as to when the ride will open (at the time of writing this), I still remain hopeful that Summer could be achieved.

Works appear to be progressing steadily at present with more and more seeing completion with each and every day that passes.

After all, just look at how much the park has achieved with regards to repainting the ride within the last 3 weeks alone?!

Of course, that does therefore beg the question “just how long will it take before the ride is ready to operate?”.

At the end of the day it all depends on just how quickly the park can get the ride testing.

Given the sheer pace of the works taking place on both the ride and it’s surroundings however, I don’t think it will be that long at all before we start to see that happen.

Once underway though it could well be only a few months before the ride finally opens to the public judging by how long this usually takes (however this is purely just speculation, I’m no expert haha!).

It may be that another pull through could still be needed though before testing can commence due to the length of time between now and when the last one took place.

If that does become the case then a further delay could be incurred due to the length of time a pull through takes to complete.

At the end of the day though it all boils down to the experts and just how much prep is needed to get this ride ready for opening (and most importantly safe to ride).

*Image Credit - Flamingopics.

What Else is Currently Happening Onsite?

As previously mentioned as well as shiny new paintwork taking shape, works are also progressing on the ride’s landscaping too.

Recent excavation has started to take place to install walkways across the site giving a first taste of the views we can expect from the ride whilst queuing.

Fences have also begun to take shape around the site as well and have been painted black to match the ride’s supports.

It’s not just INVERSION’s surrounding landscape which has seen further works though as more work has also taken place in and around the ride’s station building too.

Windows have now been installed both as part of the roof and near the front of the station building (under the lift hill) too.

This is a great sign and means that the park appear to be considering the completion of every aspect of the ride as opposed to just the track and electrics (which are reportedly receiving further attention too according to some sources).

Overall at the present pace it’s safe to assume most of the current works will have reached completion within a month or two max.

Glass panels appear to have now been installed as part of the ride's station building roof.

When Will We Find Out The Officla Name & Theme Etc.?

Ah, that age old question, when will the park announce the official name and theme for the ride?

Well, it’s fairly safe to say the park themselves have been EXTREMELY quiet regarding this ride (completely mum infact) over the past two years, however with the ride’s projected opening now in sight how much longer can they really stay quiet?

In all fairness, as much as I get why they have been the way they have about keeping everyone in the loop on this, I can’t deny I’m as eager as everyone else to get on this as soon as possible!

Now, let’s get one thing straight here – I’m in the dark on this as much as the next person, however with the park’s 2022 opening just around the corner next month (April) surely they’ll want to start the hype building right?

With that in mind I highly anticipate we’re going to see a HUGE announcement by the park regarding the ride at the start of their brand new season and the reason I say that is the sooner they announce it the sooner bookings for their peak season will soar (sell out even)!

*Image Credit - Flamingopics.

Wrapping Up!

As mentioned previously I am just as anxious as everyone else to see Flamingo Land open their new ride, and after two years of waiting I definitely feel like 2022 will be the year.

With so much work taking place in such a short space of time you can clearly see just how determined the park appear to be to get their new addition open and with good reason too.

Over the past two years the hype has gone from fever pitch to pretty much nil where this UK addition is concerned, however with things finally starting to get back on track and with new thrill rides of this scale currently in short supply this season 2022 would therefore be the perfect year to open it.

It is believed the park aim to open INVERSION during their peak season (which to me suggests June/July) and with attendance usually nearing it’s peak around this time an opening date of Summer 2022 would therefore make perfect sense.

As ever, I’m constantly watching this project like a hawk and as soon as any further progress or announcements take place I promise you I will be the first to update you on that.

Thank you so much for reading and roll on Summer 2022!!

*Special Thanks to my great friend Craig over at for allowing me to use these fantastic images. Please head on over and check out his work!